What is The Best Auto Insurance for Self-Driving Cars

06 Aug
What is The Best Auto Insurance for Self-Driving Cars

There is a lot of debate over self-driving cars and the role they will play in our society. As of today, car moguls haven’t been successful in creating a fully-autonomous vehicle. Yet, there is much debate over the future of auto insurance quotes once a self-driving car is developed. There are those that believe insurance rates should stay the same. The other argument is that autonomous vehicles call for a drastic change in the system. Mercury Insurance takes drivers inside the two points of the debate, keeping up with the latest trends in insurance news.

Keep Status Quote for the Best Auto Insurance
There are drivers that believe the current auto insurance system works fine and will continue to work with changing technologies. After all, self-driving cars are not yet developed, never mind perfect.

Therefore, people are going to want to keep the protection they already have. Drivers get insurance for the peace of mind of knowing that an accident will nor financially ruin them. After putting their faith in a self-driving car, people are going to want to hold on to that sense of security.

After all, machines are far from perfect. No one knows what might happen when autonomous vehicles become mainstream. There could be a barrage of issues or they could run smoothly from the start. Either way, people want to be protected. Keeping the status quote for the best auto insurance is a good way to help people feel at ease.

Change the Auto Insurance Quote System
The other side of the debate is in favor of changing the system of auto insurance quotes to match autonomous vehicles. This would ideally mean lowering rates since the human error would hypothetically be lessened. Although human error is still potentially inherent in the machine itself, the theory is that it will be a lot less of a risk. People feel that with such a drastic change in motor vehicle patterns warrants a change in auto insurance quotes.

To close, Mercury Insurance simply wants to bring this debate to light. Even though an electric car has not been released yet, does not mean the debate is waiting. Drivers, dealers, and the best auto insurance companies want to know what our future holds.