Registration Services – INSTANT Tags!

Registration Services – INSTANT Tags!

Registration Services – INSTANT Tags!

Bypass the California DMV for a more convenient way to get all your DMV services done.

Peninsula General has over 30 years in the insurance and automotive industry, and knows exactly what you need.

Licensed and bonded, our experienced staff can shave off time from any DMV transaction you may have.

Important Topics

What’s important to you is, time and convenience?

If you are a native Californian, then you understand going to your local DMV office is no walk in the park.

Many transactions are from drivers out of state and moving to California.

Don’t worry, we can help you if you are not a California native.

No matter what day you pick to the DMV, you can expect to wait.

It is a matter of what is more important to you.

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Save Time and Money!

Instead of taking time off from work. lose valuable time or worse yet, be hit with penalties for processing late, call us.

If you need to take off a full day from work to complete certain processing with the DMV, then you are losing money.

If you are getting paid by the hour, factor in how much per day it’s costing you to stand in lines and wait.

For a small fee, you can avoid all this. You save yourself the hassle of driving, plus taking time off from work.

This is a huge reason many people do look for registration near them.

Last Minute, Don’t Worry!

If you are like many drivers, you may have waited til the last minute.

Now you are facing harsh penalties.

Don’t worry, you can come into our local office for immediate service.

No DMV lines, no appointments necessary, just fast, competent help.

We do offer other related DMV services that can be processed online or over the phone.

If you do not see something on our menu, call us at 877-539-2533. We can help when others can’t!

Licensed and Bonded!

Peninsula General is Licensed by the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

The following services can be provided at our local office in Anaheim, Orange County, CA.

We also have online options to complete certain transactions.

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Vehicle Registration and Titling Services:

Below are a few of the types of services offered.

These are the most common, so if you do not see what you need, please inquire:

  • Annual Vehicle Registration Renewals
  • Monthly Stickers
  • Title Changes
  • Replacement Plates
  • Substitute Stickers
  • Duplicate Registration
  • Moving Permits
  • Replace Lost Stickers
  • Replace Lost Registration Cards
  • Clear Parking & Toll Violations
  • Title Transfers

Other Vehicle Types & Services

  • Passenger Vehicles
  • Auto Dealership Services
  • Light Trucks
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Fleet Dealer Services
  • Recreational Vehicles
  • Trailers
  • Motorcycles
  • Boats & Personal Watercraft
  • Off-Road Vehicles

Industries we provide DMV Services for:

If there is an industry you do not see below, please let us know.

The below list are the most common industries we provide help and service for.

  • Auto Dealers
  • Finance Companies and/or Loss Payee
  • Banking Institutions
  • Rental Car and Truck Companies
  • Commercial Truck Companies
  • Tow Yard
  • Automotive Auctions
  • Out of State Dealerships

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Car Registration Services near me by Peninsula General

Renewing your auto registration has never been easier or faster, with Peninsula General.

When you consider commute time, long wait lines, and a trip just to renew your vehicle, your most valuable asset is the most obvious.

This asset is time of course.

We are emphasizing this asset the most because, some transactions with the DMV may require repeated visits.

So, instead of losing one day from work, it may be two or three, or even more in some cases.

Cost of Time Loss 

This can cost you a lot more then what you were figuring into your budget.

So, after all the fees you paid, late fees if any, and cost of work days lost, can lead up to some costly expenses.

You can factor in two positives however in local services, reduction of time wait and delays, and late fees.

The reason many people accumulate late fees is due to the lack of time available from work.

Same Hours of Operation?

If you and the DMV work the same hours, then it’s obviously a time and scheduling challenge.

Extended hours of DMV transactions would be a great solution, and now it is a reality.

We offer extended hours of DMV services, late nights and weekends.

We also have certain available services on certain Holidays.

This is helpful to people who have multiple jobs or do not have the luxury of taking time off from work.

Actually for some, taking off work for certain transactions is not worth the risk.

Risks versus Benefits?

So, they rather risk other repercussions then to lose their only life line, which is employment.

Unfortunately, some transactions can actually effect your life life.

For example, if you need to have fillings done before a certain date if not, your vehicle or drivers license risks suspension.

At this point, you are now risking your means of transportation to your lifeline.

So, there are many layers to this discussion and choices and decisions we make.

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Reduction of Stress

Not only can DMV transactions at the DMV be time consuming but also stressful.

You may get to the window to learn you are missing certain documentation and need to reschedule for another appointment with the DMV.

Unfortunately, this is a very common experience for many Californians, until now.

Now, we as people have the option of going directly to the Department of Motor Vehicles or, going to a local office for quick DMV Services.

Overview and Process

Understanding that the DMV has thousands of vehicle transactions processed on a daily basis, the personalized care and service is put on the back burner.

This may not be by choice, but due to the mere volume of transactions processed on a daily basis.

Being under-staff only causes for more time delays in processing.

The amount of transactions compared to actual workers is remarkable.

This is why a lot of transactions can be completed online. This is to streamline the State process and reduce the volume of walk in transactions.

This online process can reduce many of the most common requests. Address change and so forth, as an example.

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Comparison of Both – DMV and DMV registration Services

Taking all this information into consideration, if you had questions about the process or a certain DMV transaction, you could be offered immediate answers and personalized attention.

This itself is worth it’s wait in gold.

Reason being, you want to make sure all fillings and transactions are handled properly and processed successfully without issue.

The good news is that you can now register or renew your vehicle registration in a more convenient fashion.

  • Online Car Registration is now an option with certain transactions as well as our local location in Anaheim, California.

Transaction Questions

You may have questions that you are unable to locate an answer for. Do not worry, give us a call.

This call can help you set up your DMV action plan and process.

We can walk you through the process or direct you on the right path.

Just like with most things in life, there are steps and rules to follow with each request.

  • You want to make sure that these rules and steps are in the ordered required.
  • Understanding the proper procedure not only saves you time, but future headaches.

Being Proactive?

Imagine if you did not realize a smog was needed on your vehicle prior to registration.

This step of the smog procedure may have been overlooked if you did not inquire.

So, having said that, if you do have a question in regards to your drivers license, vehicle registration or even car insurance status, contact us.

Who We Are

Peninsula General Services is licensed by the DMV to provide motor vehicle registration services to the general public.

More importantly, what this means for you is, convenience and experience.

Now, you have a convenient way to process all your motor vehicle transaction needs, with the personalized service you deserve.

There are no lines, no waiting and just great service.

You may have questions during the course of vehicle ownership. This is true regardless if you are buying, selling or just maintaining your current vehicle.

During these periods of ownership you may be faced with certain circumstances regarding renewal procesures, transfer responsibilities, vehicle liability and more.

We understand that you do not do DMV transactions everyday.

Insurance Services Near Me

That’s why you are searching for someone or some company who does and has answers.

We are trained and have knowledge in the material regarding your registration needs.

If you have questions regarding some of our below DMV service transactions, let us know.

  • Registration renewals for autos, commercial vehicles, vessels and motorcycles
  • Vehicle and vessel title transfers
  • Replacement plates, registration cards and stickers
  • Assistance with DMV Registration forms
  • Moving and Trip Permits

dmv registration services near me

Payment Options & Process

We offer flexible Payment Options

Extended Registration Hours to better Serve You!

All DMV Transactions are ALWAYS Completely Confidential

Peninsula General Services is licensed by the California DMV to provide motor vehicle registration services.

Service Areas: Anaheim, Orange, Torrance, Fullerton, Riverside, Irvine, Huntington Beach, Yorba Linda, Los Angeles.


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