Tinfoil Can Foil a Car Thief’s Plans

13 Jul

Having a car stolen is a scary thought. Not only is that person without a car, they’re now likely stranded. Fortunately, car theft is on the decline. Yet statistics still say that more than 200 cars are reported stolen each year in the United States. That’s still a ridiculous number, considering the safety and GPS technology that’s inherent in cars today.

Still, it’s always better to be safe than stranded. So, according to an ex-FBI agent, here’s the best way to protect your car from being stolen.

Tin Foil Your Key Fob
Yes. Placing tinfoil around a key fob can deter cart theft. This is a cybersecurity management tactic that’s cheap and effective. While it isn’t foolproof, it does deter people from copying the code from a fob, which is the main concern.

Holly Hubert is a cybersecurity expert who retired from the FBI in 2017. As an expert, Hubert advises that total protection shouldn’t be left to household tinfoil. Yet, it’s the most inexpensive way.

Stealing the Key Fob Code
Unfortunately, stealing a key fob code isn’t difficult. It certainly doesn’t take a criminal mastermind to figure it out. Yet, when a person wraps their fob in tinfoil, the signal used to acquire the code is blocked.

Again, this isn’t the most ideal way to secure your key fob, according to Hubert. It certainly won’t hurt and does add an extra layer of protection. Although, people are advised not to trust this method completely.

Other Options
For those who are worried enough about their cybersecurity to spend a little bit of money to help their chances of safety, there are other options. The most effective option is to Faraday cage. This cage is much more effective at blocking the signal. This cage also works for key fobs as well as credit cards.

To close, this may seem a little bit strange, but cybersecurity is always changing. It isn’t silly if this method or another method mentioned saves your car.

Fortunately, the security of getting auto insurance quotes online is a safe and easy practice. So, if you’ve been thinking of getting a car, be sure to research these rates before you purchase, so you know the full extent of your car’s financials.

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