Ride-Hail Drivers Jam Uber Office in a Frenzy to Obtain License Before Ban

20 Aug

Everyone knew this was coming. Ride-hail services such as Lyft and Uber had it too easy before. The government had yet to do anything about the ride-share services but once they saw an opportunity, they pounced. New York Mayor, Bill de Blasio is signing a bill into effect Tuesday, August 21st. This bill will ban the sale of commercial licenses for cars for one year. The only cars that will be able to receive a specialized license are those who transport the handicapped.

The Mayor states that the reason for the new regulations is so that it is possible to study the ride-share programs. Limiting the licenses will make the process easier and more accurate. Thus, most people are not overly upset with the change; especially because it also comes with a minimum wage increase. The reason this is such an issue is that the timing is rushed, and it is causing a panic among ride-hail drivers.

Many of these drivers claim to have had to purchase a vehicle, in lieu of renting cars, to comply. People can still rent cars that already have commercial vehicle insurance and license, they must pay for the rental. Therefore, many people are trying to switch to their own vehicles before the Tuesday deadline approaches.

To fulfill with the changes, drivers must obtain commercial insurance and a special license plate. To accommodate the expected crowd, the store pulled people from New Jersey and Philadelphia to help. The store even opened an hour early but both Sunday and Monday had doors stretching around the corner. Drivers hoping to make it in the eclipsing timeframe waited an average of two to three hours. Some had to wait longer. Unfortunately, people have also been turned away, because they were not far along enough in the process. These people still had to wait in the horrific lines.

Currently, this is all happening in New York. However, these changes make Californians wonder if this is a trend that will travel across the country. There is no indication of such a change presently, but that does not mean people should not prepare. Mercury Insurance has all your commercial vehicle insurance needs available at low rates.

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