PGI Warns Motorists to Move Cars to Higher Ground when Flood Is Possible

20 Sep

Hurricane Florence ripped through the Carolinas in last week, leaving a path of flooding and destruction in its wake. Unfortunately, according to reports, over half of Carolina residents do not have auto insurance policies that cover flood damage. As this is the gravest danger to cars during most natural disasters, it is imperative that drivers take the threat seriously.

Therefore, Peninsula General Insurance urges everyone, whether they are covered or not, to protect their car. The threat of a hurricane is not prevalent in California. However, flooding can happen for many reasons. Therefore, the best thing to do is to move their car to higher ground in response to a flood warning.

A little closer to home was Hurricane Harvey that hit last year. Records estimate that there were over a million vehicles destroyed by flood damage in the Houston metro area alone. To not have any mode of transportation, in addition to other concerns after a natural disaster, is a horrifying thought.

Considering this, here are a few tips to help protect vehicles during any kind of storm:

• Finding a place near your home that has higher ground and park your car there. Of course, make sure that you get permission to park there first. However, simply putting your car on higher ground, close to your home can save a lot of trouble for you after the storm.

• One of the best areas to park a vehicle during such an event is a parking garage. This will likely keep it safe from flooding as well as wind damage.

• Ensure that wherever you park the vehicle, it is not under a tree or power lines. It does not have to be a prolific storm to cause problems for cars parked in these hazardous areas.

• Put proper documentation and insurance papers in the car, in a Ziplock or waterproof bag. Therefore, even if the car does get wet, the documents will remain intact.

• Flood covers are also an option when preparing for a flood. These waterproof covers have proven useful in protecting the cars they cover.

To close, PGI wants everyone to be safe and continue to use their vehicle, even in the worst situations imaginable. That is why they have shared these tips in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence. It is up to everyone, especially when it comes to natural disasters to keep one another informed and safe. For more tips about protecting your vehicle, visit the PGI website.

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