Peninsula General Donates 100 Meals To Elderly

27 May

Torrance, CA – May 26, 2020 – PRLog — As many small businesses feel the impact of the coronavirus shutdown, even more seniors confined to their homes are struggling to feed themselves and engage socially. eMaximize, a top Los Angeles digital marketing agency set out to provide relief to the housebound elderly and perhaps help a fellow small business in their community.

Todd Maxwell, owner of eMaximize has certainly felt the impact of this crisis as a small business owner. His agency lost over 60% of its revenue in April, and says none of that business is coming back as those clients were hit the hardest by the COVID shutdown. However Maxwell feels fortunate and wanted to help others in the community that were struggling.

“My business lost significantly but I feel lucky as many of my friends that work in other industries are struggling to get through this. Government relief funds are not reaching the real small businesses which is disappointing and I wanted to do my part to help the people in our community that really needed it,” explained Maxwell.

After speaking with his client Mike McKinnon, owner of Peninsula General Insurance, a top Los Angeles Insurance Agency they decided to work with a local restaurant to deliver hot meals in their community.  This way their efforts would have twice the impact in the community, as restaurants really need the business.

peninsula general donates meals

“So many people are donating food to hospitals, let’s find a way to help the elderly,” said McKinnon, whose mother has Alzheimer’s Disease. Maxwell noted that he was motivated in part by memories of his grandmother, who played an important role in his youth.

After a few phone calls they decided to work with Meals on Wheels in Torrance.  Laura Bohm, Manager of Meals on Wheels Torrance explained that their customers previously received five hot meals and a snack delivered each day. Only seniors constricted to their homes are eligible for their service. Their food kitchen had to engage in social distancing and layoffs which cut their production significantly.  In addition they lost a majority of their funding as their biggest sponsor had to close its doors.  As a result their customers now receive five frozen meals a week, all delivered in one day.

“We were thrilled when Max called to discuss his desire to help. Most of our customers in their eighties and nineties have little human contact outside of our deliveries.  Many of which stay in our program solely for the human contact.  Max’s donation will give us another touch point with our seniors to check on them and provide some much needed nutrition,” explained Laura Bohm.

Max contacted Brothers Burritos in Hermosa Beach and placed an order for 100 burrito bowls.  Brothers Burritos is a local favorite that was hit hard by the shutdown.  Their takeout traffic was crippled by the beach closure and dine-in services are prohibited by the state.  Brothers Burritos prepared delicious burrito bowls filled with rice, beans, veggies and turkey to go along with a Vitamin Water and freshly baked cookies provided by Max and McKinnon.

Since the donation last week Laura Bohm says that two other similar donations have been scheduled. In addition she and her husband rallied their friends to donate $100 each to sponsor a day of hot meals next week.  She thanks Max for his efforts and the inspiration.

“Donations like this are what is keeping our organization afloat. We could not be more thrilled and appreciative of Max and Mike’s donation. It also feels great to help a local restaurant in our community,” Bohm said.

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