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10 Apr

Are you shopping for low cost Motorcycle Insurance Quotes in California, regardless if you live in Riverside CA, or Orange CA? If so, make sure you are comparing the correct coverage for your motorcycle classification, since many do exist out there in this specialized insurance market.

We will examine the different classifications of Motorcycles that can be covered under a Motorcycle Policy, to ensure you are being correctly matched up with the right insurance company.
Not all companies are the same. Not all carriers will specialize in your specific coverage and protection needs.

We will walk you through the many types of coverage options you can find on a cycle policy, and what differences lie between your auto policy and cycle policy.

Motorcycle Insurance Classification

Let’s begin with the classification of your bike and how motorcycle carriers view each of them.

The first classification would be, Street Motorcycles, which are cycles that will not qualify under a Classic or Custom Motorcycle insurance policy.

The physical damage coverage on a street motorcycle insurance policy is available for motorcycles with less than 20 years old.

The liability portion would be available for any age bike unlike the physical damage portion of the policy.

The next classification would be the Classic Motorcycles, which need to be 20 years or more old, restored or maintained in its original condition and not driven on a regular basis.

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Classic Cycle Coverage

Classic Motorcycle coverage normally has to have collision coverage and Other Than Collision coverage in order to qualify for Classic Motorcycle Insurance.

On most classic motorcycle insurance policies, covered losses are paid on the actual cash value of the motorcycle at the time of the covered loss and will not exceed the limits listed on your classic motorcycle declarations page.

This is why it is important you understand the insurance guidelines on each motorcycle insurance policy, since the type of cycle can either restrict or provide insurance coverage.

Custom Classification?

Another classification you will find under the cycle umbrella, is that of Custom Motorcycles.

Custom Motorcycles are defined as motorcycles that have more than $15,000 in optional equipment, are modified to the point in which they are now unique or in a one of a kind state.

This require special tilting or state assigned Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), are assembled, constructed or are built by hand.

They can also be special production motorcycles manufactured by a certain designated company.

All these descriptions are classified under a Custom Motorcycle coverage policy.

Motorcycle Insurance – Specialized Coverage

Some motorcycle insurance companies offer their riders specialized coverage on their motorcycle insurance.

These specialized Motorcycle Insurance Programs offer the coverage of stolen vehicle recovery and deducible waiver of $500 from the Other Than Collision, or Comprehensive coverage.

So, if you had your bike equipped with an anti theft device that was approved under the stolen vehicle recovery system under your bike policy.

At the time of a covered theft loss your specialized coverage would kick in.

With this program, your deductible waiver would apply if in the event your motorcycle is not recovered or was damaged by the act of theft.

Make sure to ask if this coverage is available on your cycle coverage policy when comparing online quotes.

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Specialized Insurance Coverage

Another specialized motorcycle coverage is Replacement Cost Total Loss Settlement.

This coverage applies when buying a new cycle from a dealer, having an active motorcycle policy and having your new bike insured within 30 days of the purchase date.

For example, if your new bike is reported as a total loss in the first 24 months, under certain cycle programs, your motorcycle would be replaced with an entirely new one, equipped with options your old bike had.

This additional coverage is at no additional premium to you, the insured, since under this specialized motorcycle program, it is automatically covered.

Specialty Coverage?

When shopping for competitive rates and coverage, make sure to inquire whether this optional specialized insurance coverage is available.

Remember, many motorcycle insurance companies do not specialize in this market or only offer the bare minimum.

Another specialize protection and coverage option not offered on all types of cycle policies is Towing, Roadside Assistance and Trip Interruption.

With most motorcycle policies, the towing and roadside assistance is only available for an additional premium per vehicle.

Trip interruption coverage is included at no additional charge when towing and roadside assistance is purchased under this specialized program.

In order to qualify for trip interruption coverage, you must be more than 100 miles away from home.

Under this coverage, you would be paid up to $500 for meals, lodging, and transportation as a result of loss caused by theft, collision or any contact with an animal or bird.

Difference in Cycle and Auto Programs?

A common question we find among many people is what is the real difference between these two programs. For the most part, other then there are two wheels instead of four wheels, not to many variants exist.

In more simple terms, not too much.

Same Type of Coverage?

Both auto and cycle transportation vehicles needs protection. It is the law to carry liability coverage and the same liability coverage is available for both.

You can protect the physical damage of both your auto vehicle and cycle vehicle. This coverage would protect in case your bike were stolen or involved in an accident.

Uninsured motorist protection is also available for both vehicles.

Financing Your Motorcycle

How Uninsured Motorist Coverage Works?

Regardless if you have this coverage on a car or bike, in order for this coverage to kick in, you must obtain a police report showing the party that was involved either in the theft or accident of your vehicle.

Let’s say you got in an accident with someone who has no insurance, in order for your company to cover this coverage, you must have evidence the other party has no insurance or is under-insured.

This does not include the hit and run inclusion. This exception is not available with all carriers.

Financing Your Motorcycle?

If you are financing your bike and making monthly payments on it, then having physical damage is important. Just like with your personal car, physical damage will have deductibles.

This coverage works in that you would be responsible for the deductibles. This depends who is at fault and what type of accident or theft claim you were involved in.

This coverage will also satisfy your lender, because who ever is financing the bike, wants to make sure their investment is being protected until you pay it off.

This coverage operates just like a personal vehicle does. You can choose the deductibles of your lenders choice.

SR22 Cycle Coverage?

If you recently had your license suspended or is expired and you need a filling to get your license reinstated but only own a cycle, no problem.

A cycle program just like a car policy, can offer you a filling called SR22. This form is a piece of paper releasing the State of California from any liability.

Regardless if you have a cycle license or a regular drivers license, you can have this form filed and attached to your policy.

SR22 Cycle Coverage

Filling Form?

This form will stay active as long as you continue making payments on your policy each month. As soon as you stop making payments, the DMV will be notified.

If this should occur, your drivers license or cycle license would be suspended again.

You would have to start a new policy, put another down payment and go through the process again.

Save yourself some time and headaches, and keep your policy active by setting it up on auto pay.

This is a good suggestion if you have a lot going on in your life financially, have to maintain your active license standing, and really don’t want to pay more down payments then you should.

Regardless if you are shopping for cheap motorcycle insurance in Irvine CA, or Pasadena CA, make sure to understand what classification of motorcycle insurance you are seeking, what coverage you would like, and what optional coverage you be interested in adding. You want to know this all before buying your insurance online. It will save you time and future issues

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