Mercury Insurance Reveals Top Three Electric Cars for 2018

03 Aug

Electric cars have managed to interject themselves into the luxury automobile market. Drivers are going crazy for the sleek designs and economy-friendly power source. For the right driver, an electric car can be a great investment. Plus, it will lower a full coverage insurance policy, as well as any other type of auto insurance coverage. After all, it is a benefit to the environment and companies such as Mercury Insurance want to reward that.

Here are the top three electric cars for 2018:

Renault Zoe
The Renault Zoe is an excellent car if the driver is hoping to be cost-effective with their purchase. This car will help lower an auto insurance coverage rate. Yet, the Renault Zoe is also one of the most affordable electric cars on the market.
Plus, the Renault Zoe is safe. The vehicle boasts a five-star Euro NCAP crash test rating. This fact will add even more savings to your full coverage insurance.

Tesla Model S
Tesla is in the news frequently lately. Regardless of how the company is perceived, though, the Tesla Model S is designed to go the distance. This electric car is the best the market has to offer for people who have a daily commute that exceeds 100 miles per day. The distance most electric cars achieve is versus the cost-effectiveness is still lacking. However, the Tesla Model S is designed to bridge that gap.

BMW i3
BMW is a brand that has a reputation for excellence. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the BMW i3 earned a place on this list. This car is praised for being the most ambitious electric car on the market. This vehicle boasts a sharp, innovative, ecological design, with the speed and handling that BMW is known for.

Granted, this electric car is priced for the luxury the brand is known for, but officials say it is worth every penny. This car has the features and the internal mechanisms to be a prototype for electric cars of the future.

To close, electric cars are easily slipping into our market. While they aren’t mainstream yet, every new model brings electric car enthusiasts closer to this goal. Auto insurance coverage companies such as Mercury Insurance have taken notice. Every respected, full coverage insurance company knows that electricity-powered vehicles will become the norm in our near future.

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