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The camaraderie and adventure that the thought of a partnership invokes are encouraging. It is the dawning of a new age and Peninsula General Insurance (PGI) partnering with Help-U-Sell Wisdom Realty the start.

About Help-U-Sell

Help-U-Sell  started in 1976 and has continuously refined and revolutionized the house-buying process. Instead of the same old, insecure assessment adding up to 6% of the house sale, Help-U-Sell Wisdom Realty operates a flat-fee system. This system routinely helps customers save thousands of dollars on their brokerage fees and allows them to budget appropriately. Instead of having to guestimate the final cost of the real estate agent’s fee, the quoted price is secure.

Therefore, (PGI) has chosen to work with Help-U-Sell. Getting to work with a company that is ten years PGI’s senior is an honor. PGI and Help-U-Sell Wisdom Realty have maintained a professional acquaintance for some time, but now, we’re making it official. PGI maintains over 14,000+ active insurance policies and a 96% customer retention rate. Thus, PGI has a lot to offer Help-U-Sell as well.


The lowest rates in California are not the only aspect of homeowner’s insurance to Help-U-Sell Wisdom Realty clients. This is just a few of the services that PGI is bringing to the partnership:

  • No Broker Fees
  • In-Person and Phone Assistance
  • Re-Shop for Homeowners Insurance
  • Cash-Value and Replacement Cost Policies Available
  • The Ultimate Mover’s Checklist
  • English and Spanish Speaking Agents

The Help-U-Sell Wisdom Realty home buying negotiations will be handled personally by Real Estate Broker, Raul Novales and Realtor Stephanie Jones. That is the level of commitment that both companies have to this partnership and their clients.

Both companies are known for their fairness to customers and affordability. PGI and Help-U-Sell Wisdom Realty are revolutionary industry professionals. They know the partnership will enhance the approach and offerings of both companies in a new way. The exclusive benefits that each companies’ clients will have thanks to this partnership are sure to boost productivity and ease. Both companies are extremely excited about this partnership and are thankful for the support of their patrons.

You can determine your eligibility for Homeowners Insurance and get in on the ground floor of this exciting partnership.  Easily find out if you qualify for the Down Payment Assistance Program and apply it for the purchase of your house.