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Do you need insurance coverage for your automobile?

Not just any auto however, a commercial van. If you answered yes, then Commercial auto insurance in California is what you need.

This is true, regardless if you reside in Los Angeles CA, or Ontario CA?

If so, continue reading on to learn exactly why you need commercial coverage.

Policy Structure Form

Also, learn about it’s policy structure and insurance coverage schedule.

A commercial auto policy has many layers to its policy structure.

It offers different coverage forms designed for different types of commercial automobile exposures.

Just that alone is why you should have a basic understanding of the forms available on this policy.

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Truck Coverage Insurance Forms

A commercial van insurance policy may include one or more of the following forms you see below:

  • Business Auto Coverage Form,
  • Garage Coverage Form,
  • and Truckers Coverage Form.

Before we dissect the actual commercial auto policy to help you find savings, let’s look at the at structure and policy layout.

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Introduction to Policy Coverage

Also, to ensure you are being fully protected, let’s examine the introduction of this policy.

This type of commercial auto insurance policy issued in California started with business auto insurance.

These terms begin to be used interchangeably in conversation and on paper.

The use of commercial auto insurance and commercial van insurance.

So, as you continue to read, keep this in mind.

Actually, keep this in focus when you are ready to compare rates or get a quote.

In the Beginning – Commercial Auto Insurance?

If you are a business owner, than you understand the concept of business transportation.

This is because since business operates at least one vehicle to operate their deliveries.

These performing essential tasks away from their office settings, and to transport employees or clients.

Fortunately, for the local business owner, these coverage options require a commercial auto policy are very similar to that of their personal auto insurance policy.

policy coverage for truck insurance

General Personal Coverage?

In some cases, the personal auto coverage can also be purchased as part of a commercial package policy.

This is a great option when comparing rates.

Make sure you can use this option in the future with your policy.

This process alone, can lower the cost of your insurance premium.

Keep in mind there are policy restrictions on this.

It will not have the same underwriting guidelines you are familiar with on a personal auto policy.

commercial vehicle insurance los angeles

Review Policy Guidelines

Always, check the policy guidelines and conditions on your policy.

Never assume anything when it comes to coverage and protection of your future.

You have worked many years to get where you are out, so do not make hasty decisions when it comes to protection all that hard work.

There are so many case studies where business owners have lost everything because even thought they had insurance coverage, it was no good.

Meaning, they were either under-insured, improperly covered or mis-classified as an example.

There are so many more examples, but to save your eyes from further reading, we just listed a few so you get the importance of this point.

Business Side of Coverage?

The business auto insurance policy is a general purpose policy.

These types of polices are used to write auto insurance for different types of business vehicle risks.

An example of these types of vehicles are as followed:

  • such as company cars,
  • vans,
  • trucks
  • and other type of vehicles depending on the type of the business operation.

commercial truck insurance package

Other Vehicle Types?

In addition to these vehicles, that are owned and supply company cars to employees, are good transporters.

This means that the use of vans and trucks to haul their own goods, would be under this listing.

Those that transport passengers, and those that lease vehicles to others are also in this category.

Niche Insurance Category?

This is a huge niche category. People movers or people transporters can sometimes run into issues finding an affordable policy.

This is because there are occasional moratoriums, small marketplace of insuring this type of policy, to name a few.

This is all reason why you see the high dollar amount of your policy premium.

Business Coverage Exposures?

As a business owner you may have automobile exposures.

Some examples of these exposures are:

  • Exposures arising out of owned,
  • leased,
  • rented,
  • or borrowed vehicles,

At one time, these policy exposures could be insured under a private passenger auto insurance policy for most risks.

For obvious reasons, this has drastically changed.

commercial insurance policy separation

Insurance Separation for Obvious Reason?

Can you imagine if this still was in effect, where you could just put your commercial van onto your personal automobile policy.

For personal lines insurance companies, packaging a commercial policy may not be the direction of bundling they are looking for.

It’s better to just bundle home and auto policies.

First off, a commercial van as you have read, has far more exposure and risks factors than your 2001 Honda Civic.

Plus, the operation and transportation process of the two are very different.

personal commercial insurance coverage

Purpose of being Personal?

Normally, a personal auto policy, you are just using it to drive to and from work.

If you have a family, then school drop offs or pick ups are big use for your personal car.

Now, on the other hand, a commercial van can be use for a number of things.

Illustration Purposes of Coverage

For example, you may use your commercial van to transport people to one medical facility to another.

The transport of people is a big deal with insurance exposure.

The liability on this type of operation is huge.

If a loss or accident should occur, you are looking at multiple bodies involved.

Not to sound inhuman, but that’s how insurance looks at the money factor of the cost of protection.

Increased Liability Exposure

It’s the liability coverage portion that really differs from the two, commercial and personal lines.

The commercial vehicle may need to carry higher limits for this exact reason, higher exposure to risks and ultimate cost of policy.

If you are using this commercial van for work purposes, your employer if not independent, will require a certain liability limit.

They will normally want to be listed as an additional insured as well.

The option to purchase this coverage directly from your employer is always a viable approach.

commercial truck insurance components

Commercial Auto Insurance Blanket Policy

The reason being is, they have what’s called a commercial insurance blanket policy.

This type of policy encompasses everything under the insurance umbrella.

So, as long as the vehicles rest on the property or business this blanket coverage policy covers, your good.

Of course there are many details that entail this “your good” statement.

This piece is just to provide illustration of the entire process.

More detailed information of an umbrella policy can be found within blog entries.

direct commercial truck insurance companies

Direct Commercial Insurance Purchase

Now, in some cases, you may not have this direct option of buying coverage.

Not to worry.

You can always find specialty markets and agents and brokers in this field.

They are ready and available to help you.

Online is a great place to start.

Specialty Insurance Markets Online

You can find the specialty type market of coverage you need.

Type in that type of coverage, city or area you live in, and find nearest help to you.

This online method will provide you an array of brokers, agents and direct insurance companies.

They all specialize in the coverage type policy you need.

Remember, not every carrier does your type of insurance.

It is a different approach to buying your auto policy.

insurance marketplace mix

Commercial Arena Market Place

Actually, the commercial insurance arena is a lot better on so many levels.

This line of thought is from both an insurance agent/broker perspective to a insureds perspective.

Your broker of this field, is there to put and keep you in business. It’s that simple.

Because, when you are not burning fuel with your commercial vehicle, no matter a truck or in this case a van, your losing money.

No one likes to lose money, so make sure you do a little research on what you exactly need in terms of coverage and price.

Your specialty agent or broker will walk you through the process.

Niche Marketplace of Coverage

Many of them in this niche market, are more than happy to even walk you through the filling process if need be.

In some cases, you may need to file State Fillings, usually with big rigs, they need to file State and Federal fillings.

So, regardless of the size or radius of transportation, the end result is always the same.

You want someone to explain what is needed to do to get in business.

commercial insurance truck checklist

Policy Checklist for Coverage Conditions

A checklist of these items are available.

They will cover what you need to do, in order, to get your wheels earning you cash flow.

Like with everything, there is a process and protocol to getting you back on the road.

Hiccups Along the Way

This is especially true if you have accumulated some hiccups along the way.

So, no matter if you are facing tickets, accidents or even a DUI, there is help out there for you.

You just need to make sure you start your initial search with players that will work on your team.

Driver Insurance Hiccups

Who has not had a hiccup? Most people have experienced one or two in their lifetime if not, they now what it is.

In the insurance world, a hiccup can cost you a lot more then just an annoying feeling of trying to regain lung composure.

As you know hiccups, can become annoying and painful after awhile.

Driver Record – Tickets or Accidents?

If you have any speeding violation or ticket that could blemish your chances of finding a decent insurance rate, than you understand this concept very well.

Now, you do have options so, don’t give up.

You just need to find a specialty insurance policy that has fair prices for drivers without perfect driving records.

They are out there and they have great rates for your commercial vehicles.

commercial car insurance pieces

Basic Policy Overview

The basic commercial policy only provided insurance coverage for autos .

These automobiles have conditions.

These policy conditions are:

  • specifically listed and scheduled on the insurance policy,
  • but coverage for hired cars and
  • non owned autos could be added by an endorsement or policy change request.

Sometime later, the comprehensive auto liability coverage was introduced.

This type of coverage became increasing popular among businesses operating with large and continually changing fleets.

policy commercial insurance guidelines

Policy Structure Layout

Your commercial auto insurance coverage part will consist of many parts within your policy packet.

Normally, you will find 40-50 pages in between these pages.

In some cases, it can be more or less.

It just depends on how many endorsements are involved in the policy and what type of risk and operation it is.

The more complex, the larger the operation, than you can expect to see many more pages.

Policy Page Attachments

This is where additional insureds, drivers, vehicles and so forth are listed.

This policy page attachment is listed below, declaration page.

The most common attachments you will find are as followed:

  • a declarations form,
  • commercial auto insurance coverage form,
  • any endorsements that may apply,
  • special auto insurance coverage forms.

special commercial insurance policy

General Special Policy Types

In addition, under a business auto insurance policy, different forms are available for special types of risks.

These risks include garage coverage form and truckers coverage form.

The garage coverage insurance form is used to insure garage risks, such as service and repair shops.

This type of operation has a premises operations exposure and have temporary possession of customers’ cars.

If you are involved with certain industries then this type of coverage would be attractive.

For example, if you own an auto body care shop, dealership, impound lot, to name a few, this would apply to you.

Truckers Coverage Form

The other form labeled truckers coverage insurance form is what you will find in your policy packet.

It is utilized to insure vehicles for trucking businesses:

  • that haul goods for others,
  • and which frequently exchange trailers with other businesses.

Area Coverage

This is the area of coverage that offers larger vehicles, such as 18 wheelers options of trucking coverage.

You will want to make sure to see what operations are accepted under this form.

It may not take all risk which is why it’s always better to ask then assume. Save yourself a headache or two.

general insurance policy provisions

The General Policy Declarations

The business auto declarations are somewhat lengthy and are divided into six policy sections.

The policy declarations will identify the following items:

  • named insured,
  • the policy number
  • and the form of business (whether it’s a corporation or sole owner, etc.),
  • the mailing address of the named insured,
  • the identification of the insurance company
  • and the producer information, with the policy term period.

Listed Covered Vehicles

The declarations will also list the vehicles insured and the insurance coverage options provided.

Also, along with the rates, policy premiums, deductibles and other information typically found on an insurance policy declaration page.

When numerous vehicles are insured on the same policy, separate schedules of each vehicle will be attached.

Methods of Insurance

The information is grouped in the following methods:

  • Item One– General information about the risk being insured.
  • Item Two — Coverages, coverage symbols, limits of liability and the premium for each coverage.
  • Item Three — Owned autos are scheduled in this area.
  • Item Four — Hired or borrowed autos are scheduled in this area.
  • Item Five — Non ownership liability is scheduled in this area.
  • Item Six — Gross receipts or mileage for liability coverage for public auto or leasing rental concerns are scheduled in this area.

direct truck insurance companies california

Various Policy Sections

Various sections exist on the declaration page.

On this page you will find a completed list.

It is as appropriated for the actual coverage’s being written and described on a commercial coverage policy.

If a particular coverage does not apply to the policy, then that section will be left intentionally blank.

This is was a common question many agents and providers were getting.

Intentional Policy Marking

Now in most cases, it will actually spell out “left unintentionally blank”.

This is a good way to inform the user.

Because, we all want to finish every blank area when it comes to legal contracts.

No one want to intentionally leave something blank unless told to do so.

General Occupation Types:

  • Accountants
  • Avon Sales
  • Builders
  • Actors
  • Awning Installation
  • Repair Building Equipment Installation
  • Acupuncturists
  • Backhoe Services

commercial auto insurance occupations

California Insurance Coverage Options

Regardless of what city you live in within the state of California, shopping for insurance van commercial vehicle can be a daunting task.

Even if you are familiar with the process of what will be covered, what coverage’s you actually need, and what to expect once you buy, you still may have questions.

Questions can lead to savings. How can you find discounts or coverage gaps if you do not ask.

General Liability Coverage

The typical insuring agreement you will find on your policy is liability insurance coverage.

The carrier agrees to pay sums that you as the insured, becomes legally obligated to pay damages.

This is because of bodily injury or property damage.

Personal Injury

A few items on personal injury are listed below.

You can find these mentions on your insurance pages or attachments as you just learned.

  • The injury or damage must be a result from an accident
  • and arise out of an insured automobile exposure.
  • Remember, an automobile can do a great deal of harm and property damage to others.
  • These are the exposures which can jeopardize the financial strength
  • and management focus of any business.

commercial truck insurance costs

Commercial Policy – Pollution Costs

The coverage also will apply to covered pollution cost or expense.

Just make sure to ask ahead of time if you do need this coverage.

However, this is an extremely limited type of coverage.

This is reason you should do your homework before you even start calling or going online for quotes.

Insurance Comparison – Simplify not Complicate

Use the internet to simplify your life, not the other way around.

Sometimes the most time you will spend is your initial research of a certain policy package or plan.

Then after you understand the basic components of the policy, know what coverage options you need, the rest just follows smoothly.

Resolve Future Insurance Distress

So, eliminate any potential headaches or future delays in coverage, and do your homework, call around and get educated first.

Then call back a few days or when your ready for an actual quote or rate.

This way you know the steps, process and will not be overwhelmed by the

As you will see when reviewing your policy definitions on your declaration page.

insurance commercial headaches

Known Policy Facts

This will only apply to the following:

  • a demand or order to clean up,
  • remove or neutralize pollution
  • caused by the escape of substances being transported, stored, treated or processed in or upon a covered auto.

As an example, if you are transporting a drum of pesticide in a pickup truck and the pesticide is spilled o the highway, the cost of clean up would not be covered.

General Business Liability

Business auto liability coverage is usually written with a single limit of liability.

It can also go up  to that limit, the carrier agrees to pay you as the insured.

This is from legal obligations for damages caused by a covered accident resulting a bodily injury or property damage.

This is to pay your cost for legal obligations for damages caused by a covered accident resulting in bodily injury or property damage.

Covered Legal Coverage

The pay for legal obligations for covered pollution cost resulting from the following:

  • a covered accident,
  • and to defend,
  • investigate,
  • and settle suits and claims would all be included.

insurance distress california

Legal Representation – Duty to Defend

The duty to defend and settle ends when the limit of coverage has been exhausted by payment of judgments or settlements.

Below are few items that will be taken in consideration when it comes to this condition.

There is no duty to provide a defense for any bodily injury or property damage not covered by the coverage form.

Insurance Section – Closing Statement

The final paragraph in this section spells out the carriers right and duty to defend suits and to investigate and settle claims.

However, there is no duty to defend suits or claims for damages that are not covered by the policy form.

Also, to defend after the limit of liability has been exhausted by the payment of claims.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance Quotes

If you are a business owner, you understand the importance of being proactive and protecting your assets.

Remember, cheap insurance doesn’t necessarily mean protection and security, so make sure to understand what your commercial van comparison entails before purchasing.

If you need help comparing small business van insurance or need business insurance for vans, then you need to call Peninsula General at 877-539-2533.

No matter if you need commercial auto insurance pomona ca or need to find commercial car insurance companies, we have you covered!

Aseguranzas de autos en California: Los Angeles County, Ontario CA, Fontana, Riverside, Anaheim, Fullerton, Victorville, Los Angeles, Torrance, Long Beach.

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