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What Is Commerical Auto Insurance?

Commercial Auto Insurance Coverage is very similar to that of your personal auto insurance policy.

You can purchase your commercial auto coverage through a commercial insurance policy package.

Look at the Business Auto Insurance Policy, as a general type policy. The purpose can be to cover vehicles such as Company Cars, Company Vans, Company Trucks and Other Type Vehicles.

Business Coverage Insurance

This coverage policy, can include other types of businesses for insurance.
These can be noted as trucks that haul their own goods, or people transporters, or also known in the insurance language as, transport passengers.
If you have a business operation, you may have auto exposures. This is a common occurrence for many business owners.

Coverage Options, for vehicles that are:

  • Owned
  • Leased
  • Rented
  • Or Borrowed Vehicles

Personal Auto Coverage – The Early Days

There was a time, when just having a basic auto insurance policy, would be appropriate for most coverage risks.
However, the basic policy does not include auto coverage for all vehicles, and are specifically listed for coverage on your policy.
A policy endorsement would need to be added to your policy if you wanted to include coverage for hired cars and non owned autos.
The next insurance phase came with comprehensive auto liability coverage.

Insurance Marketplace Introduction

This policy type was introduced to the insurance marketplace, and became extremely influential, and desired among many businesses, and owners.
This is because, these businesses were use to having large and fluctuating fleet changes.
So, this new coverage introduction, would satisfy these insurance requirements.

Now, you have a great framework and understanding of the commercial auto policy background.

What does the Commercial Auto Coverage Part Consist of?

Great question, and this insurance policy, will have the following policy components:

  • 1. At Least 1, Or More, Commercial Auto Declaration Forms
  • 2. Commercial Auto Coverage Form, At Lease 1 Or More.
  • 3. Endorsement That Would Be Applicable To Policy.
  • 4. A Special Auto Coverage Form

There dose exit other coverage forms.
They are as followed:

  • Business Auto Insurance Coverage Form
  • Garage Coverage From
  • Truckers Coverage Form

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