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Your Employees, Your Customers, Your Business: Support Their Health

There are so many crucial factors that need to be in place to keep a restaurant running. But, as a business owner, nothing is more important than purchasing general liability insurance for restaurants. This is why restaurant insurance is tailored specifically to your industry.  Our professional insurance specialists work with you to make sure you are covered. We have been servicing customers in Los Angles and all of California since 1986. To speak with an agent, please call (877) 539-2533.

The Basics of Restaurant Insurance

Many people, such as children and the elderly, are inclined to hurt themselves inside a business. Don’t leave yourself exposed to potential lawsuits! This can be the difference between keeping your business or being forced to shut your doors forever to the public.

There are many different insurance plans that are marketed to restaurant owners so it’s important to compare restaurant insurance plans to get the best coverage for your business. When you own a restaurant, keeping a liability insurance policy is extremely important. Incidents such as:

  • slips
  • falls
  • burns
  • allergic reactions to food

and other accidents can happen as you run your business. Without liability protection, you leave yourself and your brand open to lawsuits.

Business Owner’s Liability Coverage (Business Owner’s Plan)

A Business Owner’s Plan will package commercial property and liability coverage into one plan to meet your needs. This is a very common insurance plan for restaurant owners. The business owner’s liability coverage form will provide you with coverage for business liability and medical expense payments. This part of a policy covers your liability. This is for any damages that occur because of physical injury or property damage.

Financial Support in Court

Additionally, any insurance company should provide defense costs if the client is required to go to court. These costs include:

  • bail bonds
  • settlement expense
  • loss of income during the proceedings
  • prejudgment and post-judgment interest on award amounts

Medical Costs and Expense

Medical expense insurance covers expenses for the treatment of bodily injury caused by an accident on the property. This may include areas around the property, such as in the parking lot, or an accident because of the business operations, such as a kitchen injury. Medical expenses are usually covered within a year of the date of the accident.

Worker’s Compensation

Worker’s compensation is a special kind of medical expense coverage that protects the business owner if an employee becomes injured or sick while at work. Payments are made even if you are found to be at fault or negligent.

Peace of Mind

Running a restaurant is more complex than most industries. No matter where you’re located, a restaurant is a fast-paced business with lots going on behind the scenes. The most important feature of any restaurant insurance plan is that it will give you peace of mind. Once you’re insured, you can focus on your true passion: making amazing food for your customers to eat!

Contractor’s Insurance

Contractor’s insurance is essential to cover medical bills, property damage and other issues that come up on a work site.

The first part of your policy is a Declarations Page. This is where you will find the basic information:

  • name of the insured
  • coverage amounts
  • definitions of the language of the article

General Insurance Policy Review

It’s important to review your Declarations Page to make sure it is accurate. Then you will find the Coverage Forms to your policy. Each one of these forms can be issued as a stand alone or combined with an additional property form. Common Forms may also be issued with other coverage as a part of a package policy deal.

Here is a list of the Common Forms Available:

  • Builders risk coverage form
  • Business income coverage form with extra expense
  • Business income coverage form without extra expense
  • Building and personal property coverage form
  • Extra expense coverage form
  • Leasehold interest coverage
  • The standard property form
  • Legal liability coverage form
  • Mortgage holders error & omissions coverage form
  • Glass coverage
  • Condo or house owner’s association coverage form
  • Condominium commercial unit owners coverage
  • Tobacco sales warehouses coverage form