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Are you shopping for affordable Contractors Insurance or insurance services in California.

Regardless if your business operations is located in Los Angeles, CA, or Orange County CA?

If so, let’s examine a few items you will find on your commercial policy.

Coverage Options for Items?

These items will help lay out what type of coverage options are available to you as a business owner or an independent contractor.

These items include the common policy declarations, and the coverage forms found on your contractors coverage or builders risk coverage policy.

This will help whether you need manufacturing insurance Torrance CA or retail insurance Los Angeles County, CA.

Contractors Insurance Comparison Chart

Understanding the policy structure and coverage options available on your contractors policy, will reduce any gaps in coverage. This will also reduce any unnecessary premium charges for coverage options that our not in your niche market.

For example, home repair contractors.

Commercial Property Coverage has many areas of coverage and guidelines.

So, lets begin there, the introduction to your commercial property policy!

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Find Contractor Insurance Companies – Commercial Property Policies?

The initial documentation that you will received once you buy a contractors policy is the the Declarations Page.

Open it up to find a wealth of information for immediate data.

This is where you will find:

  • the name insured,
  • insurance coverage amounts
  • and definitions of the “pronouns” used within the language of the article

This is an important factor, since the tone of language found on your declarations page will be that of a conversational tone.

This is different then the more formal tone normally found in legal documents.

General Insurance Policy Review

After you have reviewed your Declarations Page for accuracy, you will find the Coverage Forms to your Property policy.

Thirteen different Property Coverage forms exist within the CPP or Commercial Package Policy program.

Each one of these forms can be issued as a stand alone.

It can also be combined with an additional property form on a mono-line insurance policy.

Lastly can be issued with other coverage as a part of a package commercial policy.

Here is a list of the Common Forms Available:

  • Builders risk coverage form
  • Business income coverage form with extra expense
  • Business income coverage form without extra expense
  • Extra expense coverage form
  • Leasehold interest coverage form
  • Legal liability coverage form
  • Glass coverage form
  • Condominium association coverage form
  • Condominium commercial unit owners coverage form
  • Mortgage holders error & omissions coverage form
  • Tobacco sales warehouses coverage form
  • The standard property form
  • Building and personal property coverage form

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Building and Personal Property Coverage Form

In this section we will examine Builders Risk Insurance and it’ coordinating coverage forms.

The Builders Risk Coverage form, (CP 00 20) provides coverage for buildings.

It also includes building alterations during the course of their construction, thus reason for the term, “Building Risk Insurance”.

It also includes other coverage features:

  • such as foundation insurance,
  • and coverage
  • if situated within 100 feet of the premises
  • any fixtures and machinery used to service the building
  • and materials supplied
  • and used in the course of the construction operation

Business Use? – Temporary Structure Use

This coverage form will also cover for temporary structures built or assembled on the site.

This can include the following:

  • scaffolding,
  • cribbing
  • and construction forms

as long as other insurance does not apply.

Additional General Insurance Coverage

In addition to this coverage, your policy or Building Insurance policy recognizes the accumulation of value.

It also begins at zero and progresses to the completed value of the building being constructed.

The coinsurance requirement on a Builder’s Risk form is 100% of the completed value.

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Policy Endorsements Available

Several endorsements serve to modify the insurance coverage under this specific form.

They are discussed in the following paragraphs.

Business Insurance Income Form

If it is necessary to suspend operations due to a direct physical loss caused by a covered loss under your contractor liability insurance.

Your commercial insurance company will pay for the loss of the business income during a period of restoration.

What is Business Income Loss Coverage?

Your policy will only pay for the loss of business income that occurs within a 12 consecutive month period after the date of the initial loss.

This additional coverage is not subject to the limits of insurance show in on the policy.

So, make sure to review all your Declarations Pages and documents to ensure no gaps exist within coverage.

Insurance for General Contractors – Extra Expense Form

The next form is labeled an Extra Expense Form.

This will pay extra expenses incurred during a period of restoration for the purpose of avoiding or minimizing a suspension of operations.

This coverage will also apply only during the 12 consecutive months following a direct loss, and is not subject to the limits of coverage.

comprehensive general liability definition

Building and Personal Property Coverage Form

This form describes the varying types of property coverage that apply to your policy.

They are established to meet the conditions for coverage as set by your company terms.

A separate set of Commercial Property Conditions must be attached with one or more Cause of Loss forms. This will describe the perils insured against.

The combination of these items completed is known as a Commercial Property Coverage Part.

Common Insurance Policy Conditions

The Common Policy Conditions which apply to all commercial coverage’s in the program and Common Policy Declarations.

This will summarize all the coverage’s included in the policy, must be attached together.

These items are used whether or not other coverage’s are actually included in the policy.

The standard property coverage form where you will find your contractors policy, is known as a direct damage form.

It covers actual damage, directly resulting from a covered peril, to covered property.

Example of  General Insurance Condition?

As an example, if a landlord’s building burns down, the destruction of the building is the direct loss.

This can be covered by this kind of coverage.

An example of an indirect loss to this story would be if the landlord also loss his rental income due to the fire.

Loss of rents is an indirect loss and not covered by the standard from.

Purchasing coverage under the Building and Personal Property Coverage Form is not the only source of insuring personal property of others.

Legal Liability Insurance – Coverage Form

Another ISO for, which is defined as the Legal Liability Coverage Form.

This will pay for damages to property of others while at your premises, but only if you are found to be legally liable.

The method of valuation is used on an actual cash value for these type of property coverage’s.

This is unless the insured has activated the optional coverage for the replacement and paid an additional premium for this add-on coverage.

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General Insurance – Coverage Activation

The coverage is activated by an entry or endorsement on the declaration page.

This indicates which coverage the insured would like to change for the loss settlement section known as replacement cost.

Actual cash value may be the only valuation method available for the property of others, which depends entirely on the insuring company.

Types of Coverage Forms

  • Residential Construction Insurance & Builders Risk Insurance
  • Residential Home builders with 1-100 home starts per year
  • Single family and limited Multi-family builders
  • Homeowner & Condo Owners Associations – Available

Commercial Auto

A wide range of Commercial Vehicle/Auto Classes from:

Commercial General Insurance – Builders

General contractors engaged in specialty construction & remodeling of restaurants and retail chains or franchises

Mixed residential & commercial construction.

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Commercial Condo Construction Coverage?

  • Commercial Apartment Construction
  • All styles of apartments (amenities included)
  • Up to 100 units per development
  • As many as 5 stories
  • Builders Risk and Umbrella Insurance available
  • Clean Streets Program
  • Paving Insurance
  • Power Sweeping
  • Line Striping
  • Seal Coating
  • Catch Basin Services
  • Portable Sanitation Insurance
  • Portable toilet rental, servicing and cleaning
  • Septic Tank Cleaning and inspection
  • Cesspool and sewage pit pumping and cleaning
  • Sewer line cleaning and rodding
  • Sewer and storm basin clean out
  • Liquid Vacuuming operations

Landscaper’s General Business Insurance

There are categories where establishments are listed in.

Establishments primarily engaged:

  • in providing landscape care and maintenance services and/or installing trees,
  • shrubs,
  • plants,
  • lawns,
  • or gardens Establishments.

Primary Engagement – Commercial 

These are primarily engaged in providing these services along with:

  • the design of landscape plans and/or the construction (i.e. installation) of walkways,
  • retaining walls,
  • decks,
  • fences,
  • ponds,
  • and similar structures.

General Commercial Coverage – Limits to Policy

The last area to look at is the limits that are applicable to your policy.

With property coverage, limits are applied on a per occurrence basis.

The applicable limit or limits of this type of coverage shown in the declarations is the most the carrier will pay out for all loss or damage resulting from any one occurrence.

General Liability – Exhaustion of Insurance Coverage

Obviously, there is a limit to your coverage.

So, if you need coverage amounts above the limits you are currently carrying, check in with your agent or broker to find the best options to raise your limits.

You can look at purchasing an umbrella policy where excess coverage options are available.

However, depending on your specific policy and industry, you may have a built-in option for raising your coverage limits.

Coverage Commercial Guidelines

  • Every coverage policy has different guidelines and options.
  • Always make sure to check in with the one you are currently insured with.
  • After you receive your premium amount with the current carrier.
  • Then you can shop that exact rate with the coverage’s you currently have.

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Major Coverage for Commercial Contractors Insurance 

For the major coverage of the building and personal property form.

The most any insurance company will pay out for a loss or damage show in your declaration page.

One or more limits may be shown on your declaration page, which depends upon how the coverage was written.

Building and Personal Insurance Form

The building and personal property form may be written on a specific, schedule or blanket basis.

Specific coverage provides a specific amount of insurance for specific types of property at a specific location.

As an example, a form providing coverage amounts of $200,000 for a building and $50,000 for personal property are at one location.

Scheduled Coverage

Schedule coverage may be used to provide insurance for different types of property at different locations.

Various buildings and contents may be itemized on a schedule, and a specific amount of coverage will apply to each.

A few items may be scheduled on the declarations page.

But when longer schedules are involved, the locations and amounts of coverage will be attached by endorsement to the policy.

Blanket Coverage

A blanket coverage policy will provide coverage on a single amount of coverage.

This coverage is applied to all types of property at a single location, or to all types of property at multiple locations.

Blanket coverage may be written simply by showing the property entries on the declaration page.

Example of Coverage Limits

For example, showing a limit of one million for coverage’s A, B, and C would meant that the single limit applied per occurrence to combined losses under the three major coverage options.

Another example would be a single limit that applied to all coverage options at multiple locations.

This protection allows a retail or manufacturing operation with more than one location to move merchandise or stock between locations without having to adjust coverage limits at each location.

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No Policy Gaps in Coverage

This is not only an easier method for the insured, but it prevents any gaps in coverage.

If you have other items to think about as a business owner, you may not keep track of how your coverage will follow.

With this example, no matter what location you are operating at under the specific guidelines, you will be protected.

This provides peace of mind and future security.

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Policy Exclusions?

This is a good topic of discussion when discussing policy coverage’s.

Under the property not covered section that you have in your declarations page have items listed.

These items that are listed are exclusion to coverage.

This is why it is so important to examine these items very carefully.

It’s not like your at Los Angeles used auto sales.

What is Coverage Report?

Many people are so worried about the proper coverage at the best rate.

This is without realizing that some of their tasks conducted within their operations will not be covered.

You should read carefully over them, and if you have any questions, seek out a licensed commercial specialist.

They can walk you through the process.

It truly is not that complicated, it just needs to be explained in simpler terms.

Because home remodeling contractors need different coverage from roofing contractors.

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Independent Contractor – Exclusion Language

As you are aware, anything not covered, regardless of the type of property or a cause of loss in fact an exclusion from the policy.

Exclusionary language may actually be found in the following:

  • in an insuring agreement,
  • or a definition,
  • or any policy provision where an exception or reference is made to something that is not covered.

Policy Language and Cultural Factors

Now, that we have dived into the major categories in commercial insurance, in regards to contractors insurance. Let’s look outside just the policy language you will find on your application and declaration page.

At the micro level political cultures serves to examine individual preferences, and thus the study of communication.

This is in order to understand how political attitudes and opinions are shaped in the insurance language.

The two are intertwined. Lest use an example for illustration purposes.

Insurance Language Influenced by Political Atmosphere

The United States is perceived by many Americans as the ideal political culture.

This is believed because it was founded on the attributes of a democratic environment, a rational bureaucratic development, and a popular sovereignty.

This is usually associated with advanced industrial society due to the dominance possessed by the hegemony (Chilcote, 2000).

The hegemony’s possession of power and influence is achieved by distortion or delusions about politics imposed on the people. This tactical strategy according to Chilcote, is utilized by a bloc of bourgeois forces.

Influential Narratives of Insurance

This illustrates how influential insurance narratives are in promotion a musical within the public sphere. This can be altered due to the nature of political environment.

Certain factors do change in times of political change, like presidential campaigns for example.

So, as you can see many factors on the outside can effect the language you find on the inside of your policy.

This is just an overview how the 2 can definitely effect the other.

They both can be used interchangeably as well.

Property Form – Commercial General Liability

But in property forms the formal term of exclusion has a traditional use.

This is used to mean the cause of loss, or perils, which are not covered.

Under the current commercial lines program, these exclusion are found in the loss forms that apply to the coverage.

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