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California Business Insurance

Business Insurance to Protect Your Most Valuable Asset

Peninsula General is a Los Angeles Insurance Agency located in Torrance. We ensure your business investment is secure by providing comprehensive protection. Our insurance coordinators are ready to assist you with your coverage needs today.  Please call (877) 539-2533

What Type of Things Does Business Insurance Cover?

When your insurance agent writes your policy for you, it will contain coverage for all of your business needs. This includes not only the office property, but also vehicles, tools, equipment, and liability too.

Business Property Insurance

Commercial property is probably one of the more important aspects coverage for which business owners need to plan. Depending on how much property you have, your insurance coordinator can go over the amount of coverage you would want.

Property insurance coverage will include protection against damage resulting from:

  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Acts of nature

In addition, you can work with your insurance coordinator to add these extra coverages, if necessary:

  • Coverage for floods
  • Hurricane coverage
  • Earthquake coverage

Business Vehicle Insurance

Many businesses need commercial auto coverage, especially if they use vehicles as part of their job. Commercial auto insurance is necessary for vehicles if:

  • You use it to transport goods
  • You use it to transport equipment
  • Tow a trailer with the business vehicle
  • Employees operate the vehicle
  • You use it conduct business
  • You need a higher liability coverage


Millions of lawsuits are filed in the U.S. every year that can be detrimental to business owners if they don’t have adequate liability coverage. Liability insurance protects your business from lawsuits. It is necessary for all business owners. The amount and type you obtain depend on the nature of your business. Here are the main types of liability insurance coverage:

  • Professional liability — this pertains to professional negligence or malpractice.
  • Product liability — this type of coverage protects against injury on your property.
  • Employment practices liability — this coverage pertains to an employee suing over wrongful practices within the workplace.
  • Workman’s compensation liability — this coverage is for employees injured while on the job.

Interruption Coverage

Business insurance also includes coverage in the event that the office closes for a period of time due to damages. Standard business coverage will take care of lost wages and revenue, but you may want to look into extra coverage in case you need to relocate temporarily while the business is repaired.

For more information about business insurance, contact your Peninsula General Insurance agent today!  Please call (877) 539-2533.