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Compare Car Insurance Rates – Q & A – 2018

Why should you compare car insurance coverage?

Because insurance rates, like most things in life, change depending on certain external and internal, factors.

This is true, if you are a California driver, living in Los Angeles, or Orange County.

These rating factors, determine the cost and premium you will pay on your insurance policy.

Before you start comparing insurance rates online, make sure to do a little homework first, and review different insurance programs.

This will help in the process of buying your auto quote.

Who is an Insured?

Great question, since this is the determining factor of an auto policy.

An insured, as defined under your basic Personal Auto Policy, is:

  • Any Family Members That Live With The Insured, For The Purpose Of Ownership, Maintenance, Or Any Use Of An Auto Or Trailer.
  • Permission To Drive Vehicle. This Also Can Include, A Reasonable Understanding That The Vehicle Was Permitted For Use.
  • Organization where the driver is represented At.

California Proof of Financial Responsibility Law?

We all understand, that insurance for your car is required by the state of California.
According to the California Vehicle Code, all California Drivers and owners of vehicles, must be able to provide proof of insurance.

This is also known as, financial responsibility.

This California law, will protect any party that is involved in an auto accident.

A system of repayment for any damage, which includes bodily injury or death, caused by an accident is in place.

Remember, you must keep your insurance proof card in your vehicle.

This will be your insurance evidence if law enforcement, or the DMV, need verification.

Did you know there are 3 ways to Prove Financial Responsibility?

Most people, and rightfully so, think there is only 1 way to buy financial responsibility, which is through a personal auto insurance policy, or a non owners insurance policy.

The liability insurance portion, on both policy types, is what is required by California Law, but this is just one way to prove financial status.

Yes, you can purchase the minimum state liability insurance coverage!

Self Insurance Coverage – Another Way?

Self insured is another method of proving financial responsibility.
This can be accomplished by depositing a cash amount of 35 thousand dollars, per vehicle.
This is a transaction that is processed through the DMV, or Department of Motor Vehicles.
So, if you have the cash available, this another option.

Bond Insurance – Final Method?

Yes, this is another method to satisfy your financial responsibility with the State of California.

This can be fulfilled by purchasing a bond, and having it posted, for the amount of 35 thousand per vehicle.

When to Show Proof of Insurance?

There are instances, where you will need to show that you have liability insurance coverage.

The most common reason is, if you are involved in an accident that has caused more than 750 dollars in property damage.

Another common reason, is when bodily injury is involved in the accident.

Also, when you register or renew your vehicle registration.

If you failed to pay your fines or judgments from a prior accident(s), expect to show proof of insurance.

If you are involved in a serious Motor Vehicle Accident or Conviction, such as a DUI, a hit and run, etc, this is also cause for evidence of liability coverage.

Eligibility for Personal Auto Insurance Coverage?

Yes, you have to qualify for this type of vehicle coverage.

This is because, not every vehicle will be eligible under a Personal Auto Policy, or PAP.

Different rules apply with:

  • Ownership Rules
  • Usage Rules
  • And Rules That Apply With The Size And Shape Of Your Vehicle

Coverage Insurance Rules?

There are also coverage eligibility rules that you will find on your auto policy.

This means that in order for your vehicle to qualify for coverage, it must have 4 wheels.

There is an exception to a 3 wheeled Morgan, but is the exception to the rule.

What Vehicles Qualify, under this policy type?

  • Coupe Vehicles
  • Convertible Cars
  • Sedan Vehicles
  • Station Wagons

Considered Vehicles under Personal Auto Policy?

  • Pickup Trucks
  • Panel Trucks
  • Vans

What are the Vehicle Eligibility Requirements?

  • You Must Own The Vehicle
  • Vehicle Should Be Less Than 10,000 Pounds In Gross Vehicle Weight
  • Not Used In Freight Or Delivery Business

So, with that said, just remember, that the considered vehicles, such as a van, pickup truck, and panel truck, are only eligible if used for personal use only.

Business use, would need business auto insurance coverage.

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