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15 Jun
Insurance by me, a common phrase in search of the lowest rates for your vehicle.
 No matter if you are looking for car insurance quotes in Fullerton, or Orange CountyCalifornia, understand the basics first.
Its good to understand the importance of finding the best rate with the best coverage.
As you know, the population of California  is constantly growing. With that said, so is the price of automobile coverage. 
You might see your existing policy slowly increasing with each renewal period.
This is unfortunately a normal occurrence.
 This is why so many people take to the internet in search of a lower deal.

Auto Insurance Quotes for your Lifestyle

Before you start  your search for lower priced quotes, look at the basic steps.
You want to understand the fundamentals of it, because not knowing will cost you.
Your policy will have many sections and parts within it.
We will go over to help you understand the language of your liability policy. 
Policy Language Definitions
There are definitions within your policy that exist.
These definitions will help you understand what exactly you are being protected for.
So, you do not face any surprises down the road.
Let’s begin with the Limits of Liability that you will find on your non owners policy.
The policy limits as defined on your policy is the maximum payout of coverage your provider will pay.
This is regardless of the number of vehicles or persons involved in the claim or loss.
 insurance by me
Loss Defined
So, if you are involved in an accident for example, and have the minimum limits of liability of 15,000 per person $30,000 per accident and $5,000 for property damage.
This is the most your company will pay out on this accident for your liability is $30,000.
This is what it means to reach your limit. 
Liability Car Insurance Increase
You do have an option to increase these limits of liability if you decide your lifestyle justifies the increase.
Only you can make this decision.
  • But normally if you are looking for the least expensive policy possible, start at the base.
  • This is just enough coverage to get legal, the minimum state required limits will be just fine.
  •  This will satisfy the law and protect you against any unforeseen fees you may encounter while driving without protection.
  • There is a section under the liability portion of your policy that is labeled other coverage.
 Optional Policy Coverage
This is an optional coverage amount and is not required by law.
This coverage is for medical service that may be incurred over and above your personal health policy.
Normally, if you carry private health coverage or other medical coverage, you normally do not need to have this protection since it is only used as excess coverage.
This means it kicks in after you have exhausted your traditional best insurance, medical coverage that you may carry at your employment or from your spouse.
Policy Review
Always check in with your agent or broker to make sure you are adequately protected in case you feel you need this protection.
However, for the most part, if you are just trying to get legal, have limited funds, the basic minimum is fine for protection.
Increase the Limits
You can always increase the limits when your budget allows for it.
Another section you will find on your policy is the uninsured motorist and under-insured motorist coverage.
This again is an optional coverage and is not state required.
Policy Premium Amount 
The premium amount for this coverage will be shown on your Declarations page.
  • Your company will pay damages which an insured person is legally entitled to recover from the owner.
  • This owner operator of an uninsured or under-insured motor vehicle.
  • The two coverage amounts show are bodily injury and property damage for this section, similar to that of your liability protection.
Uninsured Motorist Protection
What this coverage protects is, if an accident results from the ownership, maintenance or use of the uninsured motor vehicle or under-insured motor vehicle, this protection will kick in.
However, the coverage for the property damage does not apply to an under-insured motor vehicle
  • Your provider or company will determine as to whether an insured person is legally entitled to recover damages.
  • Or as to the amount of the damages shall be made by the agreement between you and your company
 No Agreement
If no agreement is reached between you and your company, then the next step would be arbitration.
If a lawsuit is brought against the responsible party to determine legal liability or damages without the written consent, then your carrier may not be bound by a judgement that results from this incident.
Every company has different stipulations and which is why it is important you understand the language before you sign anything.
 State Required
Normally, when you purchase only the liability portion, there will be a section for you to sign acknowledging that you want to exclude this coverage.
By signing this area you can not go back to the provider when a loss occurs and fight for this coverage.
Insurance By Me – Policy Review
Reviewing all your documents is always wise before signing anything.
You want to make sure you understand what you are signing. and if you don’t understand something, make sure to ask a trusted adviser who will explain it to you.
Buying coverage is not just a commodity like some local agencies or online markets portray it to be.
It is a legal contract that binds you to the coverage amounts listed on your application. 

Best Vehicle Insurance Coverage and More Definitions

Additional definitions that are used for this section are as defined:
Insured person– this means you, a relative of the name insured,  or a driver that is listed on your declarations page.
Any other person occupying your insured car and any person for damages that the person is entitled to recover.
  • Keep in mind, that this is if bodily injury to you, a relative or another person operating your insured car.
  • Remember, no person shall be considered an insured person unless that person gains your permission.
Fullerton insurance companies
This coverage is only for people using your car with your permission.
This coverage will be reduced to the state’s minimum limits required for bodily injury and property damage.
What this means to you, is even if you had the higher limits of liability on your policy and were to give permission for another person to operate your car.
The limits of liability would drop to the state’s minimum protection.
This makes sense, because it would cost a fortune for the provider by placing more risk and cost factor if a loss should occur.
If you allowed everyone to drive your car with permission at a higher limit of liability.
Minimum Limits Coverage
So, what does the minimum limits of coverage mean to you.
It means the minimum amounts of coverage for bodily injury and or property damage that is required by law in the state you reside in .
The minimum limits for uninsured and under-insured motorist insurance required by California are $15,000 each person $30,000 each accident for bodily injury and $5,000 for property damage.
Land Motor Vehicle
The motor vehicle that is listed on your policy means a land motor vehicle or a trailer.
These type of vehicles do not include a land motor vehicle or trailer which is operated on rails or crawler treads.
Farm Type Equipment
Any farm type tractor or equipment that is solely designed for the use of off public roads and is located for use as a residence or premises.
In addition, an owned or furnished vehicle are available for your regular use or that of a relative.
  • If you own or operate a self insurer motor vehicle it will not be covered under this definition as well.
  • The last definition of a motor vehicle not being insured under your policy is any vehicle that is owned by a government unit or agency.
Definition of Uninsured Motorist
Great, now that we have covered what vehicles are not going to be insured under your policy, lets look at what property damage means to you.
This coverage means that any injury or destruction to your insured car, not including loss of use.
The definition of uninsured motor vehicle means a vehicle:
  • no liability bond or policy at the time of loss or accident.
  • a liability bond or policy at he time of an accident. The limits of liability are less than the minimum limits for liability.
  • a liability bond or policy at the time of accident but the company denies coverage or refuses to admit coverage, or becomes insolvent.
  • For the bodily injury only portion, a hit and run vehicle would be defined as an operator or owner that is unknown and the hit and run vehicle makes physical contact with you or a relative, a vehicle which your relative or you were occupying while operating your insured car.
Definition of Property Damage 
Now, looking at the property damage coverage, this means any direct physical contact between your insured vehicle and the uninsured motor vehicle.
The owner of the vehicle can be identified or if not identified can be tracked down by using the license number collected.
Bad Driving Record Protection
If you have a bad driving record, you are definitely in the category of people searching for low-cost coverage.
Your market unfortunately, is categorized depending on the seriousness of the violation or conviction and you more than likely will be labeled as a “high risk driver”
Insurance Fullerton CA – Compare Providers
You will need to shop rates that will cater to your market. No matter if your looking for insurance Fullerton ca or Fullerton car dealerships.
You will want to find a company or provider who represents many carriers since, they can compare and shop the best rates possible.
If you were to contact a direct carrier, you will only be comparing your quotes with one company, and not knowing if a better rate is possible.
Finance Company
You will want to reach out to your finance company to make sure you are carrying the proper deductible amounts.
However, the required deductibles are $500.
A simple deduction or removal of this coverage can save you tons on your next quote.
But, make sure you are not sacrificing coverage  for cost like shopping for used cars Fullerton ca.
 best insurance fullerton ca



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