How Long Do Tickets Stay On My Record?

01 Mar

All minor traffic convictions and accidents remain on your driving record for three years.

However, all major violations remain on your driving record for seven years, and with major DUI cases, up to 10 years.

Each auto insurance company, will charge according to their underwriting guidelines. So, if insured, always refer to your current insurance carrier first.

Points for traffic convictions and chargeable accidents, are added and removed, at the  time of policy renewal. So, this is a good time to review your auto policy, and compare insurance quotes!

This is because, you may have had a ticket or accident removed from your driving record, since your last policy period.

Now with a policy renewal in sight, you could save money on auto insurance.

How? Because, you are no longer being rated with any convictions or accidents, as before.

Having a clean driving record, can definitely help save you money!

Keep in mind, no change to your policy can be made during your policy period. So, any points that will be removed or added, happen at the renewal period and not policy midterm.