Extreme Commuters Share Secrets to Surviving Their Long-Distance Drives

03 Jul

When a person takes a job, it’s important for that person to weigh the commuting time associated with that job. Ultimately, people need to know whether the extra time they spend away from their personal life is worth the effort. The amount of stress on a vehicle, as well as the person driving, needs to be justified by the job.

However, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, more than 600,000 Americans justify commutes over ninety miles one-way. These people are called extreme commuters and they have a few secrets to help them survive such long-distance drives.

Stay Connected

The world of technology is a lifesaver for extreme commuters because it helps them stay connected to their personal life. Cell-phones and even video chatting is irreplaceable for someone who cannot be home as much as they wanted to be. Taking the extra time on a lunch break, to video chat, or talk (hands-free) during the commute is vital. It’s making the effort to stay connected that keeps the person as a stable presence in their family’s life.

Keeping a Sense of Humor

Humor heals a lot. Maintaining a lighthearted side, especially while enduring a long-distance commute helps lessen the annoyance of the situation. Sure, the commute is long, but there’s something that keeps the person going to that job and making that commute. So, having fun with the idea and continuing to have a long-distance laugh with your family is imperative.

Often, this humorous touch of home needs to be facilitated by a significant other, but it’s also the person’s state of mind. If they want to find humor in their situation, they will. If they want to find misery, they will. Therefore, it’s up to the commuter to keep smiling.

Find Productivity in the Ride

Anyone can dwell on the ride before them. Yet, the key to ensuring a long commute doesn’t kill the person is finding productivity during the ride. Productivity can come in the form of eBooks or listen to podcasts. Some extreme commuters even listen to lectures to help them study for school. By doing things to make the ride more productive, the focus shifts to what the person does. This takes the place of everything they’re missing because of the commute.

In summation, having a long ride to work, especially for an extreme commuter is difficult. However, by utilizing these secrets, commuters can make more of their time and lessen their stress.  And don’ forget, you’ll need to have good auto insurance protection.


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