Electric Motorcycles Might be the Shock the Flatlining Industry Needs

16 Aug

The sale of new motorcycles came to a screeching halt after the market crash of 2008. Considering a motorcycle was something of a luxury item, this plummeting of sales makes sense. However, now, a decade later, motorcycle sales continue to maintain a steady pace in the slow lane, down by fifty percent. If other luxury markets were feeling the same pain, this could still be due to an economy in shambles. Yet, this is not the case. According to the National Marine Manufacturers Association, new boat sales are on the rise.

Therefore, the question remains, why are motorcycles getting the short end of the new sales shaft? Could it be that people forty and younger are no longer interested in the adventure that a motorcycle holds? Somehow, that doesn’t seem likely and yet, the numbers do not lie.

Yet, the motorcycle industry is not completely flatlining. There is still one current pulsing through the industries new model market. That pulse is propelled by none other than the electric motorcycle. However, if prospective buyers are hoping to get a shocking new motorcycle from a traditional manufacturer, they are sadly mistaken.

Fortunately, there are a few other manufacturers who have taken up the mantle. Here are a few of the companies that are surging to the front of the electric motorcycle market:

Alta Motors
With the blessing of the motorcycle king, Harley Davidson, Alta Motors announced the company currently has five models on offer. While only three of these models are street legal, they are available. That is more than other motorcycle companies can say.

Zero Motorcycles
While the name seems slightly counterproductive, Zero Motorcycles is more representative of other companies when it comes to electric advancements. The most engaging reason for this that the company currently has six models for civilian use. The other models are made for emergency services and the military.

Through the success of these companies, the industry is hopeful electric motorcycles revitalizes the sale of motorcycles. If the trend of plummeting sales continues for much longer, this could be the final stretch of hope for two-wheelers. However, the complete revamp, switching from gas to electric could be exactly what the industry needs to survive.

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