Electric Cars are Still Second to Hybrid Vehicles in Cost and Efficiency

07 Aug
Electric Cars are Still Second to Hybrid Vehicles in Cost and Efficiency

News and technological advances throughout the world of automobiles have ramped up the electric cars recently. The closer companies get to mainstreaming an affordable electric car, the more people talk about it. Of course, there is always room for advancement and there is a thrill in something being new. However, auto insurance coverage companies don’t want drivers to dismiss hybrid vehicles.

According to many full coverage insurance companies, hybrid vehicles are still the most cost-efficient green vehicles on the market. While eventually, electric cars might take their place in the mainstream market drivers don’t have to invest in them to be environmentally friendly. Hybrid vehicles, such as the Toyota Prius, the Ford Fusion Hybrid, and the Honda Insight are all still extremely efficient cars.

It’s no secret that efficient vehicles are a good way to have better auto insurance coverage. Whether full coverage insurance is needed, or another plan, the benefits of having an efficient vehicle are obvious. Yet, that doesn’t mean that companies are gauging their quotes on electric cars.

For the time being, they are too new. Plus, there aren’t enough of them in the market to even tell if the idea is going to work. Therefore, auto insurance coverage companies are still focusing on hybrid vehicles to plan their rate structure.

Granted, electric cars are good and usually economical for people who drive less than one-hundred miles per day. However, for many Americans, the commute to and from work speeds past that limit, sometimes going one-way.

Additionally, it is much easier for a driver to acquire a hybrid car used, than to acquire an EV car. Even used, the price tag is significantly greater than a hybrid vehicle. Therefore, auto insurance coverage companies are trying to ease the fears of drivers who are either unable or unwilling to adapt.

To close, it is possible that one day, electric cars will be the way of the future. If at that time, auto insurance companies deem it appropriate, EV cars will become a new standard. Yet, for the time being, EV cars are an experiment. At present, EV cars aren’t over-achieving the environmental benefit that hybrid cars have already proven.