Drivers Dictate the Spike in California’s Auto Insurance Rates

11 Jul

Drivers in California are having to come to terms with the latest spike in auto insurance rates. Yet, what most don’t seem to understand is that the increase in rates is fueled by the actions of California drivers.

Here are the biggest reasons that auto insurance quotes and rates are going up.

Going the Distance
When anyone receives an auto insurance quote, one of the basic questions is how much that person drives the car. Americans, as a people, drive a lot. They drive long distances to work, school, and take road trips for fun.

Plus, the price of gas has stayed at a manageable rate, which makes drivers more apt to get behind the wheel. While this isn’t a bad thing, it does increase the number of time drivers spend on the road. That means that they are more likely to get into an accident; thus, the rates increase.

Distracted Driving
Cellphones and other distractions while driving cause more accidents. The more people can do from their devices and the vehicles themselves, the less focus they have on the road. Therefore, the more accidents occur.

Distraction is a byproduct of technological advances. Also, everyone doesn’t talk on his or her phone or have fancy distractions inlaid in his or her cars. Yet, most drivers are more distracted. Therefore, everyone must foot the bill.

Cars Keep Getting More Expensive
There was a time when buying top of the line meant the cars had electronic windows and door locks. A smooth ride was another perk of a luxurious car, but today, the luxuries are endless. A top of the line car can keep adults and kids of all ages entertained for hours on end. There are so many functions to cars now, the list is endless. Yet, the fancier do-dads that a car has only means a higher price tag. So, if that modern marvel gets into an accident, it’ll mean a good chunk of change to fix or replace. Thus, auto insurance rates are going to skyrocket.

In summation, while technology advances, the basic principles of statistics remain the same. More time on the road, more distractions, and more money are all catalysts for increasing auto insurance quotes. So, the only thing the individual driver can do is to ensure they are safe while on the road. Since the only responsibility the individual driver has is keeping their vehicle in-check and their auto insurance rates as manageable as possible.

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