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24 Dec

Need to find insurance brokers in Los Angeles, or Commercial Insurance Brokers Los Angeles County, California?

Your in luck, because online comparing of auto insurance, has been simplified drastically, with new technology.

With any new purchase, whether it be, cheap auto insurance or to find sr22 fillings, make sure you do your homework, first.

You may learn of many online discounts and savings that could apply to your specific insurance policy, for example:

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Auto Insurance Savings Near Me – LA (CA)

These car insurance savings, can range from your career association to student status.

A lot people don’t realize that unless you ask for some discounts, you may be missions out. 

Not every agent is going to review every discount available. Or in some cases, your lifestyle changes where you now qualify for one.

It’s always a good idea to stay vigilant on your savings.

Make sure to review your actual policy application for other discounts not commonly known.

These auto discounts can mean huge savings, and is the best way to find cheapest car insurance in California.

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General Insurance Coverage Discounts

Before we start looking at the discounts associated with your car insurance coverage programs, let’s look at the reasons why your premium goes up in the first place.

Discounts are nice, but if you are overpaying on coverage, no matter how many discounts you find, you are better off fining a niche market for your needs.

Specialized carriers offer specialized premium rates, saving you tons before any discounts are even applied.

Auto Insurance Company Indicators of Fraud

Now that you have a good framework of the process of car insurance coverage and it’s rates, let’s go under the hood.

Let’s look at some of the common indicators companies use in order to sniff out fraudulent reports.

This process helps all of us save money on our total insurance premium.

Why you ask, because if a company has a lot of fraudulent claims.

Also,  paying out on each of them, then they are losing money and profits.

Car Insurance Policy Rate Increase?

Most auto insurance companies will raise total premiums or have a rate increase to offset these types of claims.

If you are unfortunately in this pool of customers, then you will expect to see an increase on your total premium. 

Not fair many of you would say, yes, very unfair to the honest customers.

However, honestly and ethics aside, your company would need to find monies fast to replace the loss.

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Look at the Insurance Indicators

There are a list of insurance indicators that should be looked at in its entirety since no one indicator can determine a fraudulent claim.

These indicators are considered red flags and are not actual evidence against an insured.

All thefts and sales of total loss salvage sold by your carrier or left in the possession of the claimant at the time of total loss claim settlement should be reported to the NICB.

Total loss salvage should include the current and four preceding model year as well as older model years.

This is if the vehicle is an expensive sports car, a truck tractor, or any other vehicle for manual reporting companies.

Electronic reporting is also available and should report all model years as a back up.

Indicators of Fraud – Look Out!

Here are some of the indicators that can signal red flags to your company.

Below are some of the more common indicators.

The following below apply to the insured:

  • If you have lived at your current address for less than six months.
  • If you have been with your current employer for less than six months
  • If your address is a post office box or mail drop
  • Does not have a telephone number 
  • The listed number on file is only a mobile or cellular phone
  • If there is difficulty contacting the insured.
  • Frequent changes of your address and phone number
  • The place listed on policy, is a hotel, tavern, or other place which neither a place of employment or a residence
  • Handles all business transactions in person to avoid any use of mail.
  • If insured is unemployed
  • Claim to be self-employed but very vague about the business and actual responsibility of the business
  • Has a recent or current martial or financial problems.

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  • Drivers license has recently been suspended
  • Recently called to confirm or increase coverage
  • Has an accumulation of parking tickets on the vehicle
  • Is unusually aggressive and pressures for a quick settlement
  • Offers inducement for quick settlement
  • Is very knowledgeable of the claims process and terminology used in this process
  • Income is not compatible with the value of the insured vehicle
  • Claims expensive contents in vehicle at the time of theft
  • Is employed with another insurance company
  • Wants a friend or relative to pick up the settlement check
  • Is running behind in loan payments or on other financial obligations
  • Avoids meeting with investigators and or claim adjusters.
  • Cancels scheduled appointments with claims adjusters for statement sand or examination under oath.

Indicator Insurance Island

Remember, these insurance indicators refer to the insured and factors that associate to red flags.

Just because you may one or two of these indicators does not mean there is any evidence of fraud. 

These indicators just gauge the fraud meter.

Enough indicators can alert an insurance carrier to take further investigation and action.

Fraud Indicators related to Coverage

Now that we have looked at indicators relating to the actual insured.

Let’s look at red flags that associate with the vehicle:

  • If the vehicle was paid by cash with no Bill of Sale or proof of ownership
  • Is a new or late-model with no lien holder
  • Very recently purchased
  • Not seen for an extended period of time prior to the reported theft.
  • Was purchased out-of-state
  • Has a history of mechanical problems
  • Is a gas guzzler
  • Is customized, a classic or an antique
  • For sale signs displayed in vehicle prior to the reported theft of the vehicle.
  • If the vehicle was recovered clinically carefully stripped.
  • Is parked on the street although a garage is available.
  • Was recovered stripped, but insured wants to regain salvage, and repairs appear to be impractical.
  • If the vehicle is recovered by a friend of the insured
  • If the vehicle was purchased with a price exceptionally low or high, as thought it was scripted.
  • If your vehicle was recovered with old or recent damage and coverage was high deductible or no collision coverage.

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More General Insurance Options

  • Coverage is only on a binder and not on a declaration page
  • If the vehicle has the incorrect VIN, not originally manufactured, inconsistent with model.
  • If the VIN is different from VIN appearing on car title.
  • If the VIN provided to policy is incorrect
  • If the safety certification labels displays different VIN than is displayed on vehicle.
  • Has a theft or salvage history.
  • If the vehicle is recovered with no ignition or steering lock damage.
  • If the vehicle has a seized engine or blown transmission.
  • If your vehicle was previously involved in a major collision.
  • If the vehicle is late-model with extremely high mileage. 
  • If the vehicle is older with extremely low mileage
  • Is older or inexpensive model and the insured indicates it was equipped with expensive accessories. However, no receipts exist for corresponding claims.
  • If the vehicle is recovered with stripped, burned, or has severe collision damage within a short duration of time after loss allegedly occurred.
  • Leased vehicles with excessive mileage for which the insured would have been liable under the mileage limitation agreement.

Insurance Coverage Indicators Leading to Fraud

We have covered both the vehicle and the insured red flags when looking for fraudulent claims.

The last section to cover is coverage itself.

  • If a loss occurs within one month of issue or expiration of policy
  • If a loss occurs after a cancellation notice was sent to the insured.
  • If insurance premium was paid in cash
  • If coverage obtained via walk in business to agent
  • If coverage was obtained from an agent not located in close proximity to insured’s residence or work place
  • If coverage is for the minim liability with full comprehensive coverage on late-model or expensive vehicle.
  • If coverage was recently increased

Insurance Reporting I

Insurance Reporting Indicators of Fraud

Just like with the examples above.

The last section to look at is how we report our claims to your company:

  • If a police report has not been made by insured or has been delayed
  • No report or claim is made to the insurance carrier within one week after theft
  • If neighbors, friends and family are not aware of the loss
  • License plate does not match vehicle or is not registered to insured
  • Title is junk, salvage, out-of-state, photocopied or duplicated
  • The title history shows non-existent addresses
  • Repair bills are consecutively numbered or dates show work accomplished on weekends or holidays
  • If the individual wants to be listed as the lien-holder and not a bank or financial institutions

Compare Auto Insurance Coverage

Now, that you understand the red flags associated to your discount car coverage policy, let’s look at the ways to save money on your rates.

This will in turn, help you find the best auto insurance possible, for your needs.

We will examine some of the most common discounts associated with your auto quote.

Discounts can vary from one company to another.

However, for the most part, the following insurance discounts listed in this article can be found with most car insurance companies.  

General Insurance Organizations

If you belong to a certain organization or academic association, you may want to verify an insurance discount or saving.

Remember, that a discount for these memberships will apply before going forward with your car insurance quote.

There are times when a niche insurance market company who matches coverage and premium to your driving record and vehicle, will supersede any discounts afforded for a group membership discount.

This is why it is important to consider how much savings you are truly receiving from these discounts.

This is because if the discounts do not offset the premium, it makes no sense to shop discounts for that specific program.

It is also important to shop at least 3 Car Insurance companies who are competitive in your market and not because you saw them on TV.

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Los Angeles County Auto Coverage

Multi Car Coverage is the best auto policy in most cases, since an average savings of 28% off your total premium can be applied.

Multi car insurance basically means that more than 1 car exist on your policy.

A lot times, just adding a second vehicle with liability only, can make a huge impact on your premium.

Multi Vehicle Car Insurance Policy

For example, some drivers will use a second vehicle, only purchased the liability portion for this vehicle.

Then they use it primarily for commuting back and forth from work.

Not only are you lowering your policy  premium, you can also reduce the annual mileage on the first vehicle. In most cases, has full coverage protection.

This reduction in annual mileage can translate into low-cost quotes.

You are saving on both fronts, the multi car discount and the low mileage discount.

Standard Auto Policy Mileage Amount

With most auto insurance companies, the standard annual mileage is 12,000.

However, if you can show that you drive less, you can drastically reduce your rate, which can be the best discount possible.

Remember, that most companies will require proof of annual mileage if below the standard annual mileage threshold.

This proof can be provided with an oil change receipt or a bill of sale or sales contract if your car was bought at the time of your policy.

Insurance Evidence – Leased Vehicle Mileage

Usually, leased vehicles will have lower annual mileage, and you can easily provide proof by showing the lease agreement.

On your lease agreement, you will find your annual mileage allotted.

The dealership will take record of your mileage, which provides additional evidence if required.

Mail Notification of General Insurance Coverage

However, not only will you receive a notice in the mail indicating that your premium has now increased unless proper verification of lowered mileage can be provided.

But your cheap quote turned out to be false and misleading, and no one likes to be taken advantage of.

Be proactive in your search for the best car insurance rates, and don’t be shy to ask questions, regardless if this is your first time buying coverage.

Like with anything in life, it’s best to plan ahead and make sound decisions before purchasing.

Comparing the lowest Insurance Quotes

Comparing the lowest Insurance Quotes

Make sure when comparing car insurance online and over the phone, that your driving record was processed.

This process should be ran through the DMV database.

Also, that your annual mileage level is what the state standard requires within their underwriting guidelines.

Some providers will lower the annual mileage, in hopes to discount your premium so, you will buy from them.

Los Angeles Car Insurance Coverage Experts

If you need any help shopping for low down payments , your not alone.

Comparing car insurance quotes for the best auto insurance discounts possible.

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