Cheapest Full Coverage Car Insurance in California?

07 Apr

Need the Cheapest Full Coverage Car Insurance in California ? Regardless, if you need to find personal or commercial, it’s best to understand the guidelines to each.

This will help you understand what exactly you are paying for. This applies to whether you live in Fullerton, or anywhere in Orange County CA.

Commercial Coverage can be tricky. Many layers and components exist on your policy.

Some of these layers can help save you more than just money on your general policy. This can be such as future reduction in out-of-pocket expense.

Many business owners or truckers unfortunately learn after the fact.

Insurance Companies – Reference Guide

Don’t wait to learn. Sometimes that inexpensive rate you just received and purchased, was actually filled with gaps in coverage.
This can wind up costing thousands of dollars to the insured in the event of a loss or claim.

Below is a reference guide to the features of the most common types of programs. An explanation of the rating factors that go into calibrating your rate are examined.

This will help explain why types of coverage options you really need.

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Specialty Quotes in your Market

Quotes are one thing, but getting quotes from a carrier that does not specialize in trucking can cost you.

Remember, when shopping for the best coverage, make sure you are comparing quotes in your niche.

Some carriers have different guidelines for different markets. Some may vary how they pay out on claims, while others will only offer the liability portion on the vehicle.

Not the Same Coverage Options

Not all carriers are the same and do not offer the same protection.

Many have varying underwriting guidelines that apply to each specific product coverage line and are regulated and monitored by the Department of Insurance.

For mass educational purposes, we will discuss the most common  underwriting guidelines. These are found within the standard trucking industry.

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Driver Programs

If you are a driver seeking a policy there items to look at first.

You may face some roadblocks if you are not between the age of 21 to 69 years with a valid driver’s license history.

There are carriers that will accept drivers below that threshold. Keep in mind they are few and far between. Your best bet is to research specialty carriers.

They will have programs who specialize in this market and industry.

Working with a broker who is not captive to one company can help find the best coverage for the best prices.

They understand your driving needs and are accustomed to all types of driver programs.

A lot of these programs are also classified in the High Risk market.

High Risk Insurance Protection?

This market serves to protect those drivers. These driers will be welcomed to the high risk insurance market.

Not too friendly when it comes with increased premium. But, the good news is there are company programs that will help your bottom line.

They have rating factors like all national insurance carriers. The general insurance ratings factors that will apply are as followed:

This is by occupation description and are:

  • or driving record status.
  • Vehicle type,
  • coverage limits,
  • mileage radius,
  • or driver status are also factors.

Insurance Rejection?

Some people have been denied or rejected by these standard commercial companies.

If you fall into this category and are new to this experience, read on.

You want to make sure you getting the proper coverage.

High risk markets, have a lot of restrictions for a lot of premium. More risk, more money.

Driving Experience?

Driving experience is always a big deal in the specialty market for obvious reasons.

In most cases, the company will require 36 months driving experience within the U.S or Canada.

You must have less than four violations or accidents in the last 36 months, and less than 3 in the last 12 months.

Most standard carriers will not accept major driving violations. Only in the last 36 months however.

You can always make sure to maintain a clean driving record if possible.

Offset Premium Payments?

You understand and learn how to offset the premium increase with other discounts available to you.

A comprehensive review of your coverage policy is always recommended before renewal.

This way you can make sure you are receiving all the discounts offered under your policy for your personal coverage situation.

Heavy Trucks Coverage Program

Most companies will accept light to heavy vehicles up to 45,000 lbs.

Heavy units or truck tractors are not acceptable, since these vehicles would fall under a trucking insurance policy.

If your vehicle is a private passenger type, you must own the business in which you need the vehicle.

And not driving more than 200 miles from the furthest point one way.

Radius Operation

This driving mileage radius is designed for local to intermediate trips.

Normally, any driver in this radius, exceeding this distance would need to long haul trucking. 

Other federal and state guidelines apply since state boundaries are normally crossed under this radius.

Commercial Auto Insurance Product Highlights:

  • Annual & Semi annual policies
  • Waivers
  • Physical damage on salvaged titles
  • Liability coverage on unidentified trailers
  • Hired car coverage — Symbol 8
  • 1 million liability and uninsured motorist combined single limits
  • Specifically described autos — Symbol 7
  • Employers non ownership liability coverage — Symbol 9
  • Low down payment programs with automatic payment enrollment options
  • International & Foreign driver’s license accepted under this program

Commercial Program Types

There are more program types for power units.9 Power units or more are acceptable under a fleet policy.

The information that will be needed in order to complete your online quote would be a loss history of 3 years unless you are a new venture.

If you are a new venture, any policy you were on prior to your new venture would be acceptable as proof, in most cases.

Your driver’s license number will be required. This is so your motor driving record can be ran.

Other vehicle and underwriting information will be needed.

This is to provide an accurate rate and to ensure no gaps of coverage exist on your policy.

Straight Truck 

  • Catering Truck Step Van
  • Delivery Van
  • Bucket Truck
  • Flat Bed Truck
  • Stake Body Truck
  • Refrigerated Truck
  • Dump Truck
  • Pump Truck
  • Water Tank Truck
  • Agricultural Truck

Trailer Coverage Items

Below are the different types of trailers offered on a coverage policy. If you do not see a specific trailer for your operation, do not worry.

There are many commercial insurance programs that can insured basically anything

Remember this recommendation applies with everything insurance related.

Make sure to ask for certain niche coverage options and if not available with one program or carrier, move on to the next.

There are many program options on the market.

You just need to find the best match with your coverage requirements.

  • Utility Trailer
  • Livestock Trailer
  • Concessions Trailer

More Occupations

Below you find more occupation types that are options on your policy. Again, the same philosophy goes with this process.

If you do not see a specific occupation description, make sure to ask the carrier. They may have a specialty market for your specific industry.

For example, those working in the real estate business are rendered under a business auto program. However, there are carriers that specialize in the real estate coverage business. This means great savings to you.

Look below the following common types for a match:

  • Property Owners
  • Real Estate Developers, Owners &
  • Managers
  • Refrigeration Systems Dealers, Distributors,
  • Repair or Service
  • Re modelers
  • Restaurants (No delivery)
  • Roofing Contractors
  • Security Guard Operation

Coverage Options

Always make sure that you are working with an experienced specialty market for your vehicles.

If you need certain fillings done or coverage information, only an experience licensed trained eye can find the best options for you.

They will walk you through process if you are a new venture.
As an example, if you have a MC number but do not know how to file with your carrier.

Back-end Insurance Process
Do not worry, this task is done on the back-end by your carrier.

The only information that you would need to provide to file this request is the number of filling.

The number of your filling will come from the state you reside in.

Once your carrier has this number, they will electronically file it for you so, that it shows you have protection.

Cargo Protection Please

Do you know that not all carriers will offer cargo.

Some carriers may offer great rates for the liability portion, but when it comes to the physical damage portion, the premium is ridiculous.

This is because just like on the personal lines side, every program has specialty coverage.

Some carriers offer only great rates for the certain options.

Cargo can be a sticky topic since not all trucking carriers offer this coverage, even if attached to a physical damage policy

Some carriers will only go up to a little on the cargo, leaving the insured to get coverage elsewhere.

Cargo Alone

Sometimes as a truck owner, you can purchase cargo coverage separately through your dispatcher or employer.
This can be a great way to save money. If you are getting half the coverage somewhere else, why not if it is saving you tons on your premium.

In some cases, breaking up these coverage options can save you tons. However, combing or bundling all the coverage onto one policy may be your best bet.

If you are a new venture, getting your cargo coverage through the employer may be the cheapest way to go.

Questions on Policy Information

These are questions you need your carrier to help walk you through.

This type of protection has a lot more riding than your personal coverage policy. This type of coverage protects your work and future employment.

Your contracts, if you are an independent contractor, will need certificates of coverage. This coverage information is gold since without it you are not allowed to pull any loads.

Non-Ownership Coverage

A common question that business owners or drivers needing commercial insurance auto Agency have is, whether they can purchase non-ownership coverage.

The answer is yes! Some insured businesses have a liability exposure due to the use of non-owned autos.

For whatever reason, these businesses have no need to own a personal vehicle for business purposes.
Yet they need the occasional use of a vehicle in their everyday day business activities.Example of Coverage

As an example, let’s say a retail store or a delicatessen might need an auto to deliver items to customers.

However, the need is not so great to justify the expense of owning a car; the use of employees’ cars handles the need.

  • Another example is if a company has its officers or employees fly to other cities outside the areas or having access to employees’ personal auto.

They would rely on were rented or hired transportation to carry on business is required.

In all these incidents, liability coverage would be able to be purchased.

This is regardless if the insured owns the vehicle.

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If you need any help with the specialized market. 

Regardless if you live in Anaheim Hills CA, or Los Angeles CA, we have markets in your area.

With over 30 Years of experience in the commercial auto industry, we understand your market.

We shop the lowest insurance in California so you don’t have to.  We have the right coverage and programs for your specific needs!

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