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08 Apr

You need low cost insurance now! You have already mastered car insurance quote shopping, but what about if you need commercial truck coverage?

It doesn’t matter if you live in Fullerton CA or Orange County California.

This type of policy has different coverage options and of course coverage descriptions.

If you are in the trucking industry or looking to get into it, read on.

It is good to understand the most important coverage for all trucking risks.

Commercial Auto Insurance Options

If you are a driver with a unit and cargo to haul you may want to consider this coverage.

It is very different than you automobile insurance policy.

Besides looking at the coverage options, you will want to look at your policy overview.

What this means is, look at the guidelines or considerations that are in your policy packet.

This is important to review and make sure everything is correct.

Larger Insurance Accounts?

This is an important task if you are a larger account.

You will want to make sure you review all non hauling activities.

  • These activities will include terminal or warehouse operations.
  • On your policy, you will find important provisions and coverage’s.
  • This is important to look at if your operations is small or large.
  • Let’s look a closer at the actual operation of a transit company.
  • Many of these companies will own or operate one or more buildings.

Checklist System

If you have many trucks or haulers to your operation, then having a checklist of itemized activities is a must.

This checklist will provide a general overview of how your total operation is executed.

In this general overview, a clear pattern starts to emerge.

This checklist will shape consistent patterns, overlooked if not for the checklist.

It is good to measure how your operation is ran.

Common Examples Found on Checklist:

  • number of trucks, trailers, containers
  • number of drivers for total operation,
  • itemized drivers per week, miles, and load numbers
  • types of loads per week, month, quarterly, yearly,
  • How many loads per day total,
  • How many loads per driver per day,
  • How many particular loads. For example, how many dry goods, versus household furniture.

Of course, you can see how detailed and organized you can get on this project.

Management Insurance Role?

It might be worth having every management role oversea on this project.

Management should have an idea of how each individual role plays into the totality of the operation or department.

This will help give a better understanding of how the total operation is ran from one standpoint, and scaled down to show individual roles.

This individual eye level standpoint, helps to see what areas need improvement.

Filter Out Process?

If there are under performing areas within the operation, this checklist will expose them.

This can help to better improve the entire operation or system of a business.

This is huge from a distribution stance.

The whole point of distribution is to move product from point A to B, with the least amount of deterrents.

The travel back from point B to A, is expected to be smooth for further distribution.

Over Operational Success

This entire process is to serve the operation better. Each point in the channel has a specific duty to perform. When one point creates waves in the streamlined process, you can expect change as a result.

That change can come in the form of:

  • employee termination,
  • improving employee and employer communication and relationships,
  • or fixing outdated technology or implement advanced technology to streamline the process.

This process of self checking, can help better not just your business plan, but also your bottom line.

Ownership of Insurance Matter

This ownership is in conjunction with the business operations.  Often the structures are in several different locations.

This is to better serve the shipping and storage activities by a trucking company.

Property coverage is to cover real and personal property. This coverage is available on either a schedule or blanket basis.

Schedule Policy Option

With a schedule policy, a separate limit of liability applies.

It will apply to each property item at each location.

Under a blanket policy, a single limit of coverage will apply. But it will apply to two or more property items at one location

It can also have 2 or more kinds of property at several locations.

Schedule protection is for smaller single site companies. These companies will have little change in values on real or personal property.

Blanket Policy

Blanket protection, is a single limit of coverage. It is for 2 or more property items at 1 location.

It can also be for 2 or more kinds of property at several locations.

The blanket coverage is for larger locations. These location risk are where property values can go up and down.

if you are a trucking company that moves stock or equipment between two or more locations. this would fit your needs.

Total Values

Even if your total values are at risk, they will still remain constant. Good to know of course.

In this situation, you would not have to worry about inaccurate value estimates.

These estimates would not just apply for one location, but all.

Peace of Mind

This is why it is a blanket policy. Just like a blanket you sleep with, it protects everything and keeps you safe.

This provides peace of mind to large trucking firms.

The more locations, the more headaches on the protection end if a blanket policy did not exist.

Luckily, it does exist and you can buy it.


You would’t have to worry about inaccurate estimates or potential penalties.

There is an agreement in the clause that goes with the blanket form.

Let’s say there is real property owned by a  company. It will include in most cases an incidental property.

This is where considerable values can be present.

This will include items such as attached signs, building foundations, retaining wall, etc.

Property Forms

You will find that most property forms will follow ISO’s format. It will also contain several perils.

These perils will have value limitations for many items which why you should review.

Make sure that you request for higher limits or broader coverage when need be.

You wouldn’t know what you need unless you did this. So do it, start your review process today.

Check retail insurance Fullerton CA, for a comparison.

Specialist Overview

If you are unsure with what limits to carry, contact a commercial specialist.

You will want to make sure that specialist understands your market and needs.

If you are in this industry and need the right protection, make sure to do your homework.

You are not only price shopping, but making sure that you have the best fit for your package.

Your package may be long haul truck protection, great.

Insurance Comprehensive Review

Personal Insurance is a lot different than commercial auto insurance.

Make sure though, they understand the needs of a long hauler. There are fillings federal and state fillings needed in most cases.

Interstate transportation, or trucker who go outside their resident state boundaries, is interstate.

Intrastate transportation is complete opposite. It is transportation done only in the state where you live.

Rating Factors

These are 2 important factors to your rate. If you want an accurate rate, one that will not change weeks down the line, then do research.

Research your specific niche in the transportation industry, then commercial car insurance companies.

Search for professionals who have the background and experience in this sector.

Policy Checklist

You will want to have a checklist when you are comparing rates.

You will need commercial car insurance quotes comparison help. Jot down the coverage options, the down payment and monthly payment.

  • You will want to go over any other coverage you may need.
  • If you are transporting goods for a company, make sure to ask you company what they need.
  • Your employer may need certain limits of protection, cargo or endorsement requests.
  • One of the most common requests are “additional insureds”.

Investment of Protection

What this means is whoever has an investment with you will want proof of coverage.

Who doesn’t want to secure their investment, no one. Everyone is looking to protect and grow at the same time.

You can not grow if you are not protected the right way. You will always have a third wheel.

Ready to move forward

Once you have done all your research, find out what you need and how to do it, go for it.

Remember, you can bundle coverage.

For example, if you have motorcycle insurance Fullerton CA, but basic liability car insurance, you can save.

Programs for existing customers exist. Just ask if you can save any money if you combine programs.

Or, if programs are available in the first place.

commercial auto insurance fullerton

Commercial – General Car Insurance Quotes CA

The transportation industry is a type of buying protection unlike anyone.

What this means is, as a trucker, your whole livelihood is when the vehicle is running.

Not all providers are the same. Education is key and comparing programs is a must.

Best Insurance Quotes

You need the right information to make the best decision. This process should be easy and affordable. Service is a priority and helping people stay protected is our top concern.

Comparing coverage and price is important. If you need help finding a special policy feature or program contact us.

We can help find the cheapest auto insurance rates & personal insurance fullerton ca, or anywhere in California.

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