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23 Apr

You are probably tired of searching for the best cheapest car insurance companies. The good news is you can find both your personal and commercial coverage under one roof. Regardless if your roof is in Riverside California or San Bernardino CA.

Some list of auto insurance companies only issue cheap automobile insurance coverage.

On the other hand, others specialize in Commercial auto insurance.

This can be confusing as the consumer, because you have no idea where to start in some cases.


California Insurance – Personal vs. Commercial

Before you start your research on the best market for your needs, check into what type of coverage you need.

If you are looking for other than auto insurance quotes, continue reading on.

Marine coverage a different market entirely.

Learning this information before comparing rates can be very helpful to your bottom line.


What is Marine Insurance Protection?

What is marine coverage? It is actually a unique and specialized type of coverage.

Inland marine coverage evolved out of ocean marine.

These are one of the oldest types of protection.

  • For centuries, ocean passenger and cargo ships were the leading form of transportation.
  • Not any kind of transportation either.
  • We are talking the long distance transportation.
  • In the beginning, marine coverage was to protect ships and cargo.



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Natural Means of Transportation

Before rails, truckers and other methods of carrying cargo or product, marine insurance was it.

This was the quickest, in some cases safest travel distribution of cargo.

You could haul large volume of items on a ocean ship.

Plus, this provided a means for international exportation of products.

  • These roots of import and export still hold true in every fiber of society.
  • The transportation of cargo supplements a country on so many levels.
  • From providing an American workforce, to exporting American product for Gross National Profit.
  • This channel of transportation helps build communities and families.
  • It provides the foundation for a society or community to exist. This starts with an increase in the labor market.


Foundation of Support and Structure

This helps to build other industries in the community. It’s not like buying a car at Riverside auto sales and then being done.

For example, let’s say a population of this transportation workforce were to all settle in one area.

This area, considering it to be vacant, would attract other businesses for potential growth opportunity.

  • For example, housing development and community development would be top priority.
  • Without these two factors, the area would be unlivable.
  • Where would people live if no housing existed?



New Wave of Insurance

This is the first question, that helps shape the importance of the base.

In this wave of new people, other industries would be born.

This is because someone has to take care of this new wave of populations coming through.

Established businesses would now cater their business profile to this new upcoming gathering of like minded people.


Market Insurance Growth

As the market grew so did the need for this specialize coverage.

The rise of other transportation systems was the main reason for this rise.

You had the railroads, motor vehicles and air carriers now into the mix.

  • Inland marine protection was the answer to this rising need and changing conditions.
  • You see it all the time. Look at what the dot com age did for the online business model.


Traditional Ways

The traditional retail stores are now replaced with websites.

This makes the entire experience virtual and less personal.

But, it also makes the model more efficient and time saving.


Pros and Cons

Like with all changes, there are pros and cons.

Either way, to survive in the present world, you must adopt these new traditions and changes.

  • The word “marine” may be a little misleading.
  • Think about it, marine coverage has no relationship to the sea, on water or even near water.
  • The first thought many people have when they hear marine coverage is exactly that. Misleading, we think so.




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True Meaning

The term actually says more about the origin and history of the field. Most people do not associate the term with the actual nature of the commercial inland marine field.

Marine coverage is also identified as transportation protection. Yes, this is because its core consists of risk involving property moved from one point to another.

All types of imports and exports, shipments and cargo are apart of this transport.


Regulation and Non Regulation

You have a commercial inland policy part. It is a commercial package policy that consists of regulated coverage.

These coverage’s for which ISO policy forms have been filed with state insurance departments.

Coverage extends to the following:

  • Special types of equipment
  • Merchandise
  • Customers’ property
  • Information items in which business enterprise have an interest.


Non Regulations

Since marine coverage’s are not regulated as much, many marine forms are not filled.

They understand the system. If the forms are not reviewed on a consistent basis, then what’t the point of filling.

So, better regulations and enforcement may encourage more fillings.

  • This will help identify people in a database for future use.
  • Imagine if you were caught speeding by a police officer.
  • The officer pulls you over, you stop your vehicle and provide the information needed.


Different Perspective

Let’s use an example. What if every an officer pulled you over they let you go.

Would you have the same view on the consequences of breaking the law.

The Insurance Services Office does file forms, rules and rates for 13 classes.

These classes fall into the commercial inland marine risks. Individual companies may or may not use the ISO forms.


Class or Mono-line

Coverage for filed classes of commercial inland marine risks are present.

These risk can be on ISO forms as a mono-line policy. It can also be a part of a commercial package policy.

In either case, the common policy declarations and common policy conditions are together.

It will include a commercial Inland inland marine coverage part.


Policy Structure

Below is your policy structure. This is a common policy structure.

You can find this layout on your personal automobile insurance policy as well.

  • declaration page or pages
  • commercial inland marine conditions
  • 1 or more coverage forms
  • any endorsements that may apply

Inland Polices are generally written on an open peril basis.


Declarations of the Policy

This is the most common information page found in most insurance documents, including automobile insurance.

With this kind of coverage, there are many declaration pages.

  • They may provided because a company may use declarations to show information.
  • This will provide a good overview of the policy coverage’s.
  • It may also use separate declaration pages for each coverage form.


Advisory Declaration Page

An advisory declaration page will include space for the name and address of protection.

Below are also what you will find throughout the declarations page:

  • identity of the insurer and producer
  • policy number and effective date
  • policy period
  • information about the forms included in the coverage part
  • premium for the entire coverage part


Each Page of Coverage

You can also get an advisory declarations page for each coverage part in your program.

Each of these declarations pages will have the same information on a personal policy.

For example, the effective date, your policy number, premium amount and limits.

These are all found on this policy, just like an auto policy.


General Information

Following this general information is where it gets different.

Most forms have a deductible of 250. This is the minimum amount for the deductible.

  • Each form will describe the different types of covered property.
  • There are different limits and sub-limits that are show as property.
  • This property is coverage away from your premises or in transit.
  • It can also be inside or outside a building. The coverage would still continue.


Separate Pages

Each separate declaration page serves to support the actual policy coverage structure. It is the glue or blueprint to your policy.

It keeps everything aligned and easy to refer to. The structure has sections organized for your use.

Most if not all the information you need is right there.

  • These pages can answer a lot of your questions.
  • You can find coverage information. Limitation and guideline information.
  • An area for exclusions or peril not protected are also available.


Professional Overview

This is why many professionals in the industry will tell you to review this information.

Make sure no errors exist. If they do, make sure to get them changed.

  • This process of changing something on your policy is an endorsement.
  • There can be a fee for processing this policy change request. Check with your provider.
  • In most cases, you must put your request in writing. In some cases, an email request to change policy information is not acceptable.
  • Each carrier or provider has different protocols so, check in with them first. They will walk you through the process.




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Insurance Riverside County CA

Not all carriers are the same. Education is key and comparing low down programs is a must.

You need the right information to make the best decision.

This process should be easy and affordable. Service is a priority and helping people stay protected is our top concern.

Comparing quality car insurance coverage and commercial auto insurance Riverside CA.

If you need help finding a special policy feature or program contact us.

We can help find the best General Insurance Riverside County CA or auto insurance agents near me.


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