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15 Jun

Did you know there are other features to your car insurance policy? Regardless if you need car insurance Garden Grove CA or sr22 insurance quote, anywhere in California. Knowing these features may save you more than just money.

These features are policy options that you can add to your existing automobile insurance policy.

These options are not available with every company so make sure to ask.


Auto Insurance Coverage – Special Features

Let’s dive right into these features and options. These features will be listed on your vehicle coverage forms.

Review your declaration page to gain better insight into your auto policy structure.

This always helps to be informed. Especially, if you are looking at coverage outside of just auto insurance.

The first policy option is funeral benefit.

  • This coverage would protect you the insured, or a family member in the event of a fatal auto accident.
  • The coverage would pay up to $2,500. This cost is nominal.
  • Some companies will charge you cents to the dollar of protection.
  • What this means, is for little money out of pocket, you can have coverage that extends beyond the pay in.



Vehicle Insurance


Vehicle Insurance – Gap Coverage

Another option is gap coverage. This protection will pay for the difference between what you owe and the actual value.

For example, let’s say that you buy a vehicle that is worth 25 thousand, blue book value.

  • But, you are financing this vehicle for over 30 thousand, then you would have a gap of coverage.
  • The 5 thousand difference would be your responsibility if you were to get into an accident.
  • Your carrier will only pay for the actual value of the vehicle in the event of a loss.


Gap in Coverage Action

This is where gap protection for insurance quotes auto comes into play. Most people think that there car insurance policy will take effect. This is not the case however.

Gap, just like it sounds, fills in that coverage lapse, giving you full protection. Your investment is safe and covered.

With the rise of people leasing vehicles, this protection has become more in demand.

With that said, it has become more popular and more available with carriers


Knowledge Base System

If you still have questions about gap coverage, check in with your dealership.

The dealership where you bought your car can offer you gap insurance programs. Not all auto dealers offer this type of coverage.

  • If you find out that you can not buy gap coverage at your dealership, your next move is to surf the internet.
  • You will want to find gap programs available online.
  • You do not have to drive down to a local insurance store. You can do all this from the comfort of your home.
  • This is the positive of this approach.


Research Behind the Scenes

If you have any reservation about buying online, you can always do a basic google search on the company.

  • You can check with the better business (BBB) or online business services.
  • This can help to give you an overview of the company you will be working with.
  • If there are multiple reviews, this will give you better insight into the company.
  • You can always check with the industry itself. See if the company has any issues internally within the industry.
  • This is always a good place to start.


Loss of Income Protection

Another less know option is income loss. Income loss will protect you if you become injured in an accident and can not work.

This feature would pay the amount of your take home pay. Keep in mind that payments will only last for a short period of time.

This protection will still pay out regardless if you have a disability policy.

But, any other disability protection you have will not kick in until this protection ends.

Remember, coverage was not meant to make a profit on. It is to make you whole again, like you were before a loss or accident.

This is the purpose of coverage.


Rental Car Insurance Coverage

Rental replacement coverage is a more common feature most people may know about.

Remember, rental coverage is not the same thing as loaner protection.

This is a common misconception. If your vehicle breaks down due to mechanical failure, this coverage would not kick in.

Rental protection will take effect when your involved in an accident.

If the accident is not your fault, the other parties carrier would provide coverage.


Mechanical or Electrical Issues

The coverage would pay a set amount for a rental. This amount can start from 15 dollars a day to a maximum of 450 dollars.

So, just to recap this coverage. If your involved in accident and you need repairs than a rental would be provided.

Electrical issues or internal mechanical issues will not justify coverage.

Your warranty on the vehicle would cover this malfunction.



Towing and Labor Costs

Towing and labor cost is another policy option. This coverage will pay for towing and road side service.

If you need a jump start or help changing a flat tire, this coverage would kick in.

  • Anytime your vehicle breaks down, not just when it’s involved in an accident.
  • This coverage is inexpensive. Depending on the carrier, it can cost you less 5-10 dollars for the year.


Variations to Features

Having said that, there are different variations to towing coverage.

Not all rental programs are the same. Some will only provide this coverage if it’s in your possession.

  • There are other programs available that coverage will follow the member.
  • This is a nice feature since you can get help regardless of what vehicle your in. You might want to check other programs to see if they can provide assistance in any car your in.
  • You can always ask if it matters what driver is using the car when an incident like this happens.


Stacking Protection

Stacking is the another optional addition on your policy. This coverage will allow you to multiply the amount of coverage.

This coverage applies to your uninsured or under-insured protection.

The number of vehicle on your policy will determine the coverage. The number of insureds on your policy can also be a factor.

So, to recap, stacking applies to the number of autos and people on your policy.

People would mean insureds. If you have members of people living in your household, they are either excluded or included.

You will get a notice from your carrier to add or exclude from policy.



California State Specific Insurance Coverage

Stacking coverage is not available in all states. This coverage has reported abuse in people putting in many claims.

This is reason that not all states allow this practice.

  • If a state does offer this policy option, it will have many provisions to deter false claims.
  • As you can see, many options and features exist. Not all companies will offer these policy options so, ask.
  • This coverage is not a common known coverage. There are variations to the program, put each state will have separate guidelines.


Outline of Policy Coverage

On another note, you may find one company who offers a great feature but not a necessary one.

You want to make sure to review exactly what coverage options and features you need.

These are standard policy forms. These form will cover specific options and features on the program.

If you are looking for a specialty feature, make sure to shop for a market to serve you best. Many markets within the market exist.


Insurance Company Garden Grove CA

Some of these specialty programs can offer you complete protection at low cost rates.

Not all providers are the same. Education is key and comparing programs is a must. You need the right information to make the best decision.

This process should be easy and affordable. Service is a priority and helping people stay protected is our top concern.

Comparing coverage and price is important.

If you need help finding a special policy feature or program contact us. We can help find the best car insurance policy features.

Need sr 22 insurance, no problem, we got you covered.


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