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24 Apr

Before you shop free insurance quotes in Ontario CA, make sure you understand your policy definitions. This is the case regardless if you live in Ontario CA, or anywhere in California, These tips to follow are extremely important to your decision.

Make sure you understand the key coverage types to your personal automobile insurance policy.

This is important, because it saves you money and future headaches.  The only way to do both is to understand your policy definitions.


Insurance Learning 101

Sometimes we rush as consumers to buy something. Then only after the purchase do we start asking the right questions.

The problem is however, these insurance questions should have been asked prior to buying.

We all do it. It’s called buyers remorse. We have all purchased an item to only regret the features or price later on.

So, do yourself a favor when it comes to car insurance buying, run your quotes with guaranteed rates, and read on to learn about the basic definitions you will come across on your policy pages.

Being knowledgeable before you start the quote process, is in your best interest. Both long term and short term.


CA Insurance Policy Definitions

There are key coverage definitions to every policy type.

Let’s go over some of the most common ones you will find in your commercial policy.

The first one is building ordinance coverage.

  • This coverage will reimburse you for any other costs to rebuild or demolish a building.
  • This damage to the building would have coverage as long as the cause of loss has coverage.
  • Coverage for the loss of any undamaged part of the building is also insured with this protection.




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Business Income Coverage

Business income with the extra expense. This protection will cover loss of income that resulted from the suspension for business.

  • Your property would have to have coverage by the peril that caused the loss or damage.
  • Under this form, extra expense and rental value protection are also included without limitations.
  • These limitations apply to the monthly level.

This protection will offset any potential profits lost during a loss or claim. This coverage comes in particular use when an unexpected loss does occur.


Direct Loss, Direct Support

For example, there was an incident where a business owner from the second floor, had a water leak to the bottom floor office.

The unfortunate part in this example is, the office below was a dentist office, that suffered terrible flooding.

The dentist office was flooded. Nobody could work in this environment until the damage was fixed. The ceiling caved in from the flooding, so this added several weeks of repairs and reconstruction.


Additional Support

Throughout the weeks of having the dental office fixed, they were collecting on their income protection coverage.

  • This is exactly what this money and coverage was intended for.
  • Can you imagine if you did suffer a loss, such as flooding from an up-stair tenant, to be placed out of business until the damage is fixed. this is double exposure.
  • Not only can you not make any additional money since your doors are shut, but now you have to continue paying rent on the office space plus an additional fees incurred.


What is Trailer Interchange Endorsement?

Trailer Interchange endorsement. This endorsement is used to extend your truckers policy.

It will provide legal liability protection for the physical damage art to the trailers.

You can not own these trailers, but instead, have them in your company’s possession.


What is Loading and Unloading Extension?

Loading and Unloading Extension. This extension provides coverage for cargo while in transport.

The loading and unloading of cargo on a covered vehicle would fall into this feature.


What is Debris Removal?

Debris Removal. This coverage will pay fro costs that you incur while in route, with a covered peril.

The clean up cost for the damages due to this incident fall into this area.


What is Refrigeration Breakdown?

Refrigeration Breakdown. The general coverage will pay for loss or damage that results from a breakdown or failure of machinery.

This operation is in conjunction to your trailer unit


What is Tarpaulin Warranty?

This provision states that your car coverage will not apply if not secured.  This water proof tarpaulin offers coverage protection.


What is Locked Warranty?

This provision states that loss from the theft of your property will not have coverage.

  • This applies if your property was never attended for.
  • Unless the loss is a direct result of violent or forceful entry into a covered trailer.
  • This trailer should be inside an enclosure or secure locked area.


What is Employee Dishonesty – Blanket Basis?

This coverage covers against loss of money, securities or other company property.

  • It covers again employee dishonesty as well as liability protection.
  • The form will pay up to the face amount in your policy.
  • This pay out is for any one loss caused by one or more employees.


Types of Risk Management Techniques

Let’s review some risk management techniques to help get you the best rate possible.

  • First step, identity exposure that could effect your business. Measure how these hazards might impact your operations.
  • Determine which exposure need coverage. Check to see if other risk control methods are available.
  • Discuss various protection types and non insurance approaches. This will help you find the best one way possible.
  • Look for aggressive markets that can handle your specific coverage options.
  • Put policies and procedures into place to best suit your company’s needs.
  • You will want to make sure you monitor both your coverage and non coverage programs during the year. This will help to plan ahead for the next year.


Commercial Auto Insurance Quotes California

If you are looking at insurance companies in Ontario CA, you want to make sure your business has proper protection.

These important services will guarantee that you are receiving the best representation.

This is what you need and deserve.



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Direct Damage Definition Types

Let’s dive into what direct damage definitions you will find on your policy.

Remember that these are extensions or endorsements to your active policy.


What is Additional property coverage?

This endorsement will extend coverage for several property items.

These items are the ones excluded from your standard building and personal property form.


What is Agreed Value Valuation?

This method is to remove the application of standard coinsurance requirements.

These requirements are for specified covered property.

With it, your provider will agree that the amount of coverage you bought, is adequate.

If the limit of protection equals the agreed value, then you have no coinsurance.


Does My Policy Cover Back Up of Sewers and Drains?

Yes! Your policy will include protection for loss of damage that results from the back up of sewers or drains.


What is Building Coverage?

This term describes the real property items covered under your property policy.

This coverage will include the building, structure, as well as completed additions.

  • These additions include fixtures, machinery, and equipment. Also, property to maintain or service your property would fall into this group.
  • The form also extends to your parts under construction.
  • Alteration and repairs and materials within 100 feet of the premises also have coverage.



What is Business Personal Property?

This term describes the types of personal property covered under your policy.  Property means business personal property located at or within 100 feet of premises.

The property can consist of the following:

  • furniture and fixtures
  • machinery and equipment
  • stock
  • leased personal property
  • interest in tenant improvements and betterment’s
  • personal property of others while in your company’s care, custody or control.


More Complex Policies

As you can see, many layers exist in your policy.

It can be more complex than your personal lines policy. This type is basic and easy to understand in relationship to commercial lines.

This is why you always want to take notes during the quoting process. Make sure you have all business information available.

You may need to provide your federal tax id for your business so, have it just in case.


California State Required Fillings

If you need filings, get the numbers ready. These numbers are state issued. Have it ready for easy quoting.

It is always a good practice to ask if any limitations apply to the policy.

If you have any points of exposure, you want to get them fixed now.

After a loss is not the time to review your current policy.



Policy Overview

Get it out, look over the definitions and scan through the underwriting guidelines.

  • This is such an important area to understand on any policy type.
  • Not all carriers are the same. Education is key and quotes comparison is a must.
  • You need the right information to make the best decision. This process should be easy and affordable.



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