What is Business Owners Insurance in CA

14 Jul

You already have car insurance Costa Mesa CA or anywhere in California for that matter. But, you now need retail insurance in California. Retail insurance falls under the commercial end in the industry.

It will be a completely different shopping experience then when you search for personal automobile insurance.

So, before you begin searching for low cost rates, make sure you understand the policy itself.

This is important since, not knowing can cost you later.

As a business owner, any gaps in coverage leaves you exposed.


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Retail Insurance in California

Are you a business owner? If so, you might wonder what business owners coverage is.

Great question if you are looking to insure your investment. It is different than home insurance, even though they are both investments.

Your business will make you a living. A home for the most part, just passes through life.



Greatest Long Term Investment

Your business is your greatest asset if you are self employed.

It’s why you became an owner in the first place. You want that freedom and independence to pursue your passion.

  • On top of that, you want to make an earning to live. It’s your lead source in so many channels so you want to protect it.
  • You know what it takes to build a business. Now, you want to make sure all your hard efforts are protected.
  • This is the whole point of insurance coverage. To protect your long term business channel.


The Channel of Insurance

For example, if you were to encounter a total loss of your business, it would give you peace of mind knowing you have the working capital to rebuild.

Rebuilding your business to what it was before the loss, this is the entire point of coverage.

Business minded people already understand this function.

They know that if you miss block D for example, or put it out of sequence, things can happen.


Policy Exposure

In the insurance world, things only means one thing, exposure.

Exposure can only lead to a potential loss. The odds are in your favor of one with the more risks or open exposures.

Having heard all this information, you can see why it’s good to know up front what your coverage entails.

Because, during an actual loss, is the worst time to think of whether your policy will cover for a certain item.


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Broad Package

A business owners policy or BOP, is a policy that provides a broad package of coverage options. This policy will protect small and medium sized apartment buildings, offices and retail stores.

Each policy will include mandatory property and liability coverage.

It will also offer options coverage’s. There are many standard conditions and exclusions that apply to this policy.

This is across the board, meaning your insurance company costa mesa CA has the same programs as California low cost auto insurance.

This means that they are both regulated and governed by state and federal agencies.

A BOP is a self contained and complete package policy.


Commercial Insurance Package

There are forms on this policy that resemble a commercial package. This comes with the similar components of the policy.

For example, they both have the same wording, organization of coverage and design.

Business owners coverage parts in your declaration page. You can also find your common conditions form on this page.

There were changes made with the ISO so you will want to check with Insurance Service Office.


Eligibility of Insurance

Check with your insurance company in Costa Mesa CA for specific guidelines.

The types of risk that are eligible for a BOP are as followed:

  • apartment buildings that do not exceed six stories in height and do not have more than 60 dwelling units. Incidental mercantile, service to processing risks are some permitted risks.
  • office buildings that do not go over six stories in height. These office buildings can not exceed 100 thousand square feet in total area.
  • mercantile risks that do go over 25 thousand square fee. They also do not have more than 3 million in annual gross sales.
  • service or processing risks. These risk can not exceed 25 thousand square fee. They also can have more than 3 million in annual gross sales.
  • Building owners and business operators who are tenants are eligible. Residential condominium associations and office condominium associations are eligible.
  • motels
  • self storage facilities
  • contractors
  • fast food and limited cooking restaurants up to 7 thousand 5 hundred square feet.
  • convenience stores with gasoline sales of up to 75 percent of the total revenue
  • dry cleaners that clean on premises


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Variety of Exposures

The business owners program can help provide coverage for a variety  of exposures.

Some of these exposures are landlords and business operators who have moderate exposures.

For this reason, Eligibility as a definition, means exclude certain risk.

These risks do not fit the intended patter.



Ineligible Risk for BOP

Some risks that are not eligible for coverage under this program are as followed:

  • automobile dealers
  • all types of automotive repair and service operations
  • banks and all types of financial institutions
  • places of amusement
  • wholesalers


Special Risks

These types of risk all have special coverage exposures. You must insure these types of risks outside of the business owners program.

You can always find these hard to write risk through a commercial broker.

They work with carriers that specialize in this type of coverage.

There are specialty markets for each group.

Just like with your auto liability Costa Mesa CA, you will want to compare and shop the best rates.



You want someone experienced in your product and industry.

This is the only way you will find the best coverage. You don’t want to sacrifice coverage leaving gaps and exposure.

This happens to many people. They find a lower rate to only learn they have shortchanged important coverage.

So, in this example, saving a few hundred dollars a year can end up costing you thousands.

This happens with inadequate coverage all the time.


Property Not Covered

Both business forms list the same items as property not covered.

Some of these items are not insurable.

While others are more appropriate for coverage.


Covered property does not include the below:

  • aircraft, automobiles, motor trucks and other vehicles subject to motor vehicle registration (costa mesa auto sales)
  • money and securities, except as provided in your optional coverage
  • contraband, or property in the course of illegal transportation. This also includes trade of this contraband.
  • land, that also includes the land which the property that is located on. Water, growing crops and lawns are also included.
  • outdoor fences, radio or television antennas, including lead in wires, masts or towers. Signs that are not attached to the building, trees, shrubs or plants. The only exception to this point is the outdoor property coverage endorsement. You can also find this on the outdoor sign option coverage
  • watercraft which also include motors, equipment and accessories. This is during being afloat.
  • accounts, bills, other evidences of debt, accounts receivable or valuable papers and records
  • computers that have permanent installation in any plane, watercraft or truck. Vehicles with registration are also subject to this point.


Property Exclusions

Because this form is an open perils policy, coverage has exclusions and limitations.

You can find these in the coverage sections on your policy.

They will been lettered A-C of your Commercial General Liability Form.

Your owners policy form will exclude loss or damage to certain incidents.



California Policy Exclusions

Below are a few of these exclusions, make sure to review them. Many people are not aware of the actual exclusions. It is always helpful to understand these underwriting exclusions before a claim.

So, without further ado, below are the following exclusions:

  • ordinance or law,
  • earth movement, including earthquake, volcanic eruption, landslide and mine subsidence,
  • governmental action,
  • nuclear hazard,
  • power failure
  • war and military action
  • water, including flood, waves, mud low
  • certain computer related losses, including hardware, software, operating systems, microprocessors, and other electronic types.
  • consequential losses, including delay, loss of use, or loss of market
  • smoke, vapor or gas from agricultural smudging or industrial operations
  • explosion of steam boilers, steam pipes, steam engines or steam turbines. The policyholder has to own, lease, operate or have control by the name insured.
  • frozen plumbing, that includes damage by leaking water, other liquids, powder or molten material. The cause is from plumbing, heating air conditioning or other equipment. Unless the maintenance of the heat in the biding was shut off or water supply and drained the equipment. For example, construction insurance costa mesa CA could be purchased in this item.



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Low Cost Insurance California

There are many other exclusions to this piece. We have divided it into another article for easy reviewing.

If you should need further help, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can walk you through the process of finding low cost insurance in California for so many products and programs.

Programs for auto insurance quotes California, home insurance costa mesa ca and low cost car insurance California coverage options.

Don’t see something you need, just call us at 877-539-2533. We can help answer any questions you may have, no matter if you live in Costa Mesa CA, or Orange County CA.


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