Canadian Man Legally Changes Gender to Save Money on Car Insurance

02 Aug
Canadian Man Legally Changes Gender to Save Money on Car Insurance

Everyone likes to save money. People are always trying to spend less on their vehicle and many other aspects of their life. It is a common phenomenon. After all, every little bit helps. However, a Canadian man, identified as David, might have taken his bargain hunting to the extreme. (Or, he’s a genius, depending on how you look at it.) In a search for the best auto insurance, David legally changed his gender to female.

Last year “David” called his insurance provider to receive a quote on a Chevrolet Cruise he intended to by. The twenty-four-year-old learned that if he was female, he could save up to $1,100 per year. He asked the sales representative if he could change his gender on his policy, but he was told that wasn’t possible. David was told that he would need a government document (birth certificate) to change his gender.

The reason for this difference in price, both in Canada and when seeking auto insurance in California is a statistical risk. Statistically, men under the age of twenty-five get into more accidents than women under twenty-five. Thus, the insurance company is taking more of a risk, statistically, with a man of that age than a woman.

Understandably, David was angry. After thinking about it for a little while, the straight male decided to go to his doctor. He told the physician that he identifies as a female, which was a lie, but the doctor wrote him a note without question. A few weeks later, David received a new birth certificate in the mail with his gender labeled female. Once he received the needed document, David changed his license and received another quote as a female. He was rewarded with the best auto insurance price, without question. David saved about $91 per month, which equates to a total of $1,092 per year.

Auto insurance in California is bound by the Gender Recognition Act to abolish the policy which required proof of treatment and a physician’s note. Now, a sworn statement is the only evidence a person needs to identify themselves as male, female, or nonbinary. However, officials state that the change still cannot be utilized for fraudulent purposes.

To close, after David’s case, Alberta, Canada also abolished the doctor’s note requirement. Now, all adults must do to change their gender is to declare themselves as male, female, or nonbinary