California Man Commits Insurance Fraud by Getting Insurance an Hour After Causing an Accident

27 Sep

Charges stemming from an August 2015 incident resulted in a conviction for insurance-fraud that garnered Lamont James, 35, eleven years. The story first broke by the local paper, Suisun City Patch, after the conviction.

James was convicted of two counts of insurance fraud after he tried to alter the timeline of the event. In the 2015 accident, James rear-ended a woman while driving in Fairfield, California. About an hour after the incident, James obtained an insurance policy. After which, James filed a claim the following day, stating that the accident took place a full day later.

Fortunately, the woman who was hit also placed a claim, with her insurance company. This sent up a red flag for insurance agents and the claim was investigated. However, that did not initially deter James. Once he found out that the claim was already placed by the woman, he called her. James asked her to change the time of the accident, to at least an hour later. That way, he would have a chance of being covered. Yet, the woman refused.

Instead of accepting responsibility, though, James tried again. This time, he showed up at the woman’s home and made the same request. Again, the woman refused, and the fraud was revealed.

Therefore, Lamont James was ultimately sentenced to eleven years behind bars. Although, the two counts of insurance fraud were only part of the reason for the sentence. Prior convictions also played into the decision for such a lengthy sentence. James was previously convicted of first-degree burglary in 2004. In 2014, he was convicted of being a felon in possession of a firearm.

It makes sense that James would not want any further trouble. Yet, attempting to commit insurance fraud is not the way to do it. Regardless, though, after Solano County, Calif., Superior Court Judge Carlos Gutierrez ruling, the reasons are irrelevant. The bottom line is, that James likely will not have to worry about having insurance for a while.

In summation, regardless of James’ prior trouble with the law, find the best auto insurance long before you need it. It is always far less problematic this way. Fortunately, it is simple and quick to get the best auto insurance quotes online. Therefore, you can get protected without even leaving the house.

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