California Drivers Help Keep Auto Insurance Coverage Low by Putting Cellphones Down

02 Aug

The downside of cellular innovation has revolved around distracted driving. Texting, talking and using social media behind the wheel pose a danger to drivers and those around them. There are countless examples of this negatively affecting the public. This resulted in full coverage insurance going up. However, new data released a year after the tough cell phone law was enacted, reports that it has deterred fifty percent of the people who previously used their cell phones.

Californians who still utilize their cell phones while driving has gone from eight percent to under four percent in a year. This provides hope that the law is working. People are wising up to the dangers of using a cell phone while driving.

The new law went into effect in January 2017, which prohibits drivers from holding their phone in their hand. This law is in effect for any reason. It doesn’t matter whether the person is using their GPS or listening to music. If the phone is in their hand, they can be pulled over and charged upwards of $150.

Office of Traffic Safety spokeswoman Camille Travis calls the result a behavioral change and hopes the trend will continue. Although, only time will tell if this is an anomaly, or if real change is occurring. If there is a true change in behavior, that means that there will be fewer accidents. If people are less distracted, the roads will be safer.

If roads are safer, auto insurance coverage will become cheaper for everyone. It’s a difficult situation, especially for the ninety-six percent of Californians who (this study shows) abide by the law. However, eventually, their compliance will be rewarded.

When people prove to be less distracted, full coverage insurance, as well as other auto insurance coverage will become more affordable. This is because the insurance companies have less of a risk. Safer drivers equate to better insurance rates for everyone.

In summation, this new law seems to be making the roads safer and less distracted. This is a step in the right direction. Officials, as well as the auto insurance coverage companies, are hopeful that the trend prevails.

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