Best Bundled Insurance Companies in 2018?

15 Jun

So, you already have cheap auto insurance in California.

Now, your looking to bundle your auto policy with a home insurance policy.

Smart, because the savings are huge!

This might be reason for your current online search, for the cheapest, yet best quality insurance policy.

This can be true if you already have a home policy, and need to add your vehicles to a bundle policy, from the same insurance company.

What does all this mean to you?

More savings to you. The good news, is there is no territory line of insurance savings.

Meaning, no matter if you live in Riverside CA or Moreno Valley CA, protection of your assets, is foremost.

You may think your protected, but are you really?

Insurance External Factors to Your Home Policy?

There are so many external factors that are beyond your control.

These can come in the actual form of your homeowners insurance policy, to the language written in between the pages. from your actual insurance policy.

This includes the language underwritten by the insurance company itself, to the new rating factors from prior loss reports, as example.

home and auto insurance

This is where you need to review your current homeowners insurance policy.

This is because, disasters are what you are protecting your valuables and property from.

Some of these disasters come from nature itself.

You can always learn more about your city and neighbor for Natural Disasters and Weather extremes.

For example, if you live in Riverside County, California, check with your local reports.

This will help to compare disasters and weather extremes in your neighbor or city, to the rest of your state, California.

This is helpful statistical information for the long haul, and ready preparedness.

It helps to learn what type of city, for example, Riverside CA, has when it comes to extreme weather and natural disasters.

For example, flood.

home insurance coverage

Insurance Protection for Riverside County Residents?

Yes, no matter where you live, regardless if your home is located in Corona CA, or Riverside CA, you want to understand what type of zone you live in first.

This is important information to gather more data on, and point you in the right direction when searching for home and auto insurance quotes.

You want to make sure you do not live in a flood zone, or are exposed to a potential loss from external risks.

There are many home owners who are not even aware that they are living in an exposed environment.

Riverside Flooding?- Case Example:

Back in the year 2010, Southern California had a record rainfall, causing severe flooding for the residents of Riverside County.

These damages were reported on Mockingbird Canyon Road, that washed out several locations.

Due to this extreme case of weather, the State had to declare an emergency for many counties, which included Riverside.

At that time, President Obama, had to declare the county as a “major disaster area”.

This made federal funds available for infrastructure damage:

  • Emergency Work
  • Repair
  • Replacement

What is Flood Insurance?

You already know how to find the cheapest auto insurance, but what about other insurance options and protection?

Such coverage, as flood insurance is one that should be looked at a little closer.

Some of these indicators are:

  • The first attack is to see whether or now you do live in a flood zone. There are city maps of counties where areas are located in flood regions.
  • This is important information to understand first. You may have a homeowners policy, but do you know if it will cover for flood damage.
  • Your home policy will cover water damage caused by heavy rains. This coverage will apply for your business or home.

National Insurance Program – bundled insurance packages?

As owners of both, you could not get actual flood insurance until 1968.

This is when Congress voted for the National Program.

Before this was law, the federal government would focus their efforts on control.

These control techniques would be building dams, levees and seawalls.

They would also cover on disaster relief for flood victims.

General Insurance Coverage Act

Unlike general insurance in Riverside County CA, The National Flood Insurance Act took a new track.

This program flood coverage to flood zone communities.

The goals was to reduce the amount of future flood risks to new construction.

Participation was crucial. It required participation from the community not the individual.

Local zoning laws and building codes would affect the amount of damage are would suffer.

This damage would have to be due to flooding.

  • The government saw a gap.
  • This would mean community participation.
  • In practice it can give different results.

If the community didn’t participate or the NFIP was not involved, this wouldn’t work.

flood insurance california

Insurance Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for insurance coverage, your community will have permits for construction.

This construction was in high risk areas. This is to ensure that the right materials and techniques were present.

Only would these techniques reduce exposure.

Any building for the most part can participate with this program.

As long as your building is setup with proper damage control techniques. coverage would apply.

These policies are not the only reason communities participate in the NFIP.

Insurance Study – 2018

For example, let’s say that a community did not participate in the program.

Now the president of the U.S has declared a state emergency.

This emergency is due to flooding. The community would not be eligible to collect federal aid.

No aid for the repair or reconstruction for the insurable buildings in your policy.

This section is the Special Flood Hazard Areas.

Disaster Insurance Assistance?

People who live in these communities could still receive other forms of disaster assistance.

Some of these forms of aid are food emergency to shelters.

But, the help of the government in rebuilding homes and businesses are non existent.

  • Needless to say, this is a big reason for community participation.
  • Most communities with serous flood potential have joined.
  • This is program by the Federal Insurance Administration or FIA is apart of FEMA.


FEMA is the acronym for Federal Emergency Management.

So, if you buy a home in a flood zone, your mortgage lender will make you get this coverage.

The limits to this coverage are through the NFIP. They are usually dictated by the communities.

Also, participated in safety measures and zoning are under this program.

The Emergency Program can help when a community first adopts the NFIP requirements.

This happens when the map or zones were not ready  This means they still needs improvement.

Requirement List

The NFIP made a list with flood control and land use requirements.

This is if it qualifies for the Regular Program. This program offers property owners higher limits.

Eligibility requirements for coverage is a lot different today.

Today, you an insure almost any enclosed building. Even the contents against flood loss are on the policy.

Your community still needs to participate in the program to qualify.

If you live in an area that is prone to flooding, you will want to know if you in a participating community.

Participation Programs

There are 18 thousand communities that do participated in this program.

Coverage items on building:

  • two or more exterior rigid walls
  • a roof
  • anchored to prevent flotation, collapse or lateral movement
  • above ground

Mobile Home Insurance Protection

If you have a mobile home, than you will want to have your permanent foundation harnessed.

This also applies to condo, condominium associations and homes under construction.

Buildings located over water can not have coverage under this program.

Remember, there are certain requirements under this program before coverage can take effect.

Amount of  Insurance Coverage?

The amount of coverage would be your next question. It depends on the value of your home.

If the most limits for your coverage is 185 thousand for a house, and another 60 for the contents.

If your like many people, this may be enough coverage.

The types of items that usually receive limited coverage in a standard home policy.

This limited amount of coverage applies more with this program.

Some of these items include:

  • art
  • jewelry
  • furs
  • gold
  • silver
  • etc

Most Coverage – Insurance Overview

The most coverage pay out for all these items are 250 dollars.

  • Coverage for business equipment in a home is also limited. This limit is 2,500.
  • You can always buy more coverage to protect certain items.
  • 10 percent of the policy amount is for coverage for your house and its contents.
  • This is the standard policy.
  • You can also schedule coverage for up to 10 buildings on your property.
  • This would come in handy if you have a workshop or a guest house.

As you can see, there are many limits to coverage.

This program is not as well known as personal automobile.

Coverage Zone

When you buy your home policy, you will want to look at the zone area.

If you live in area that may have damage, its worth getting.

It can actually be a great time to have both home policy evaluated.

This will help you find any areas of exposure.

Things change at renewal. You may bought another piece of property.

Or you may some other types of coverage.

Comprehensive Insurance Policy Review

Regardless of the reason, it’s always good advice to check your policy during renewal.

Look over all documents for any mistakes.

Even if you do not find any mistakes, look over the areas of coverage.

Know the perimeters of the zone coverage for flooding.

This overview perspective will help shape the most active areas for this type of disaster.

Renewal Insurance Overview

Renewal periods are a great time to look at your current policy.

You will want a trusted professional review your policy with you.

Look for any new changes to your lifestyle.

This will help tailor coverage.

This works with car insurance prices, or commercial auto insurance riverside CA,

The General Insurance Tip 

This is also a good rule before you buy a home.

A lot different then buying at riverside auto sales.

Home to direct car insurance.

Check to see where your home is located in terms of natural disasters.

Check the past history track record for loss due to nature in that area.

  • You may even want to run insurance quotes prior to buying the home.
  • You want to make sure you know what your costs will be before you actually go through escrow.
  • This will help to budget your insurance premium for the entire year.

California Flood Zones

If you are living in California, you might think of flood damage in a different light.

This all depends on what part of California you are living in. In beach cities, there may be a higher possibility of flooding for obvious reasons.

  • However, even some desert cities can also have the potential for flooding.
  • The low levels of grounds, parse vegetation and sudden rainfall can cause such disaster.
  • This same flooding scenario can happen to inner cities or homes located on the hills.
  • Living on a hill entails to mudslides as well as flooding. So, these are two independent factors for looking into risk zones.

 Insurance Riverside County CA

The General Insurance Riverside County CA

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