Attending Driving School Lowers Insurance Rate

09 Jul

The prospect of getting a new car is always exciting. Whether it’s a new car or new to you, the prospect of adventure is alive and well. However, there’s also a not-so-exciting part of getting a new car. Serious shoppers are likely also typing auto insurance near me quite a lot into your favorite internet browser. Auto insurance is an expense that hopefully, you’ll never need to use; yet, you will always have.

However, it’s always a good idea to also search for ways to lower your insurance rate. Many companies reward drivers for good driving records and practicing safety while on the road. Yet, a little-known secret to lowering your insurance rate is attending a driving school. This is even true for those who have gotten a ticket recently. Here’s why!
Good Driver Benefit

The willingness to give your time to freshen up on the rules of the road is beneficial all around. It bodes well for you as a driver and it also looks good in the eyes of many insurance companies. The insurance company views this as an investment. If a person elects to take a defensive driving course, they’re showing the insurance company they care about their safety. This care equates to less of a chance that person is going to get into an accident. Thus, your rates are lowered.

This practice is on the rise particularly through auto insurance in California. Although, this is also a growing trend throughout the nation.

Ticket Attendance
When people get a ticket, their insurance usually goes up. Sometimes there’s a forgiveness policy, but there’s often an increase. So, to mitigate that increase, people can take a driving course.

The logic behind this works basically the same way. If a person takes a driving course, it’s showing that they understand they still have more to learn. It’s an admission of making a mistake and being accountable for one’s actions. Therefore, insurance companies are more prone to work with people who are trying to better their driving habits.

In summation, attending driving school can mean sizable deductions on your auto insurance. So, before you choose a company, make sure you check out the discounts each company offers. After all, it’s only a little bit of your time, but it could save your monthly payment significantly.

For more information about good driver benefits, or lower insurance rates, visit Mercury Insurance.

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