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Peninsula General Agency has been a Mercury Insurance agent for over a decade. Since that time, we have grown to be one of Mercury’s biggest agency partners, placing thousands of customers with Mercury.

Meet Peninsula General: One of Mercury’s Agency Partners

Peninsula General is a large auto insurance agency in the state of California. PGI has been helping drivers save money and find great insurance coverage for over 30 years and counting. In fact, PGI has more than 14,000 active insurance policies and a 96% customer retention rate!

Peninsula General’s able to connect you with dozens of top-rated carriers offering the best price and protection. Below are a few reasons why you should allow PGI to have your business:

  • No broker fees – With PGI, there are never any additional fees, just your premium.
  • Company stability since 1986 and counting
  • More than 14,000 active insurance policies and 96% client retention rate
  • PGI offers the lowest rates available in California
  • Ability to re-shop your insurance policy – should you experience a life or driving event and your rates shoot through the roof, just give PGI a call and we can provide you with a new quote and possibly help you switch your policy should we find savings.

Mercury Insurance: Great Coverage, Prices and Service

In business since 1962, Mercury Insurance has grown its business on the principle of being able to provide customers with very low rates, awesome coverage options and a local agent who is there with you every step of the way.

Believe it or not, getting insured by Mercury is very easy. An authorized Mercury agent like Peninsula General can help you with a quote on just about any insurance, from auto, commercial and homeowners to boat, motorcycle and business insurance. Your quote will be tailored to your specific needs and PGI can answer any questions you may have.

Mercury Insurance and Peninsula General: working together to bring the best insurance coverage, rates and customer service.

Start your free auto insurance quote online today or by calling (877) 226.4133!